Raves & Rage for September 8, 2011

September 8, 2011 

  • Did you have an unexpected pleasant experience with a stranger, which re-invigorated your view of humanity? Or did some a-hole just cut you off on the Bypass, nearly causing a 10-car pileup and your blood pressure to boil over? Whatever the emotion, we want to be there for you. So, let it flow, and tell us how you feel with our new interactive feature, Raves & Rage. So, if you want to get something off your chest - trust us, it feels good - send an e-mail with "Raves & Rage" in the subject line to kkimes@weeklysurge.com; or if you want to express yourself the old-fashioned way, call our Raves & Rage line at 444-1RAG(E).


To all the beggars out there: I am so sick of you people hanging in the parking lots and asking for spare change! We are all falling on hard times also!

We all are trying to make ends meet, and to be approached by you as soon as I exit my truck at the local grocery store is disrespectful and an embarrassment to yourselves.

And also: Don't approach me while I'm relaxing on my front steps asking for a cigarette, a beer or to use my shower. I am on a limited income. Leave us alone.


Pointing her finger at the guy wearing a wife beater and smoking a cigar: "Let him sing! He sounds just like Lee Greenwood. It's September - perfect time for 'God Bless the USA.' When do you take a break? He has an awesome voice." F.U. This isn't karaoke or "X Factor" night. I called ahead three weeks ago, met the owner and played an audition to book this show. Tell your smoky friend to get his own gig and leave me the hell alone. FYI, he needs to know more than one song.


For the kid and kids complaining about the music scene in Myrtle Beach "sucking," due to the fact that "the same group of marginally talented people creating and recreating the same bands/songs/shows we have seen for (at least) 10 years": Shut up and do it, Princess. Start a band, no one's stopping you.

Open up a DIY venue; hey, best of luck (of course, your customers are going to be your worst enemy and will inevitably lead to trouble with the landlord [see: the Lazy i, the Limelight] or the cops [see: the Basement, Drink!] or your neighbors [see: Monkey Business]).

I agree with you, you want a scene, you need new ideas. Here's the problem though, kid: people like you and me? The schlubs on the sidelines, whining on the Internet? Yeah, we aren't doing anything. Those aging scenesters you have such disdain for? They are. They are doing something. No one needs to step aside for you.

How about you just try to step up and do something for once, kid?


To the "new blood" guy (Raves and Rage, Sept. 1): Would you like to be my date to the prom? - xoxo, "amblyopic leader."

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