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May 30, 2012 

Save the summer dates

I am more than a little bit ticked off that I’ll miss The Cult’s upcoming concert at the House of Blues because I’m going out of town that weekend for a family wedding. I’ve been trying to figure out how to weasel my way out of it without getting in the doghouse.

Alas, in all likelihood, I won’t be able to see The Cult, one of my Top 10 favorite bands – absolutely admire the group’s holy trinity of “Love,” “Electric” and “Sonic Temple” and I recently received a review copy of the group’s latest effort “Choice of Weapon” and it seems to be a return to form.

Although I’m bummed about missing Ian Astbury/Billy Duffy and crew’s local gig, there are plenty of other intriguing concerts on the radar this summer at the beach – and I won’t have to go out of town for them – and you won’t either.

So we won’t get to see Roger Waters reconstruct “The Wall,” the joining together of rap icons Jay Z and Kanye West, The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson reunion, hot alt-rock act The Black Keys, the seemingly ageless Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Kenny Chesney-Tim McGraw bromance, and I say, so what?

We’ve got plenty of opportunities to experience quality concerts at more up-close-and-personal venues than those mega-tours allow – and at a fraction of the cost, hassle and drive time.

And Surge is here to get you revved up about the slew of concerts heading our way as the summer begins to sizzle. Yes, we’re back again with our fifth annual Surge Must-See Summer Concert Preview, which is this week’s cover story.

Fifth? But aren’t we set to celebrate a sixth anniversary in August? That’s right, Fanboy, we skipped a year, but got back on track last summer when we hand-picked 11 shows you had to witness for 2011.

And so this year, we’re popping a 12-pack of whoop-ass on you for the summer of ’12.

As I’ve mentioned many times here in this space, I abhor the routine, by-the-numbers entertainment articles and stories I’ve seen by many a media outlet in my time here on the Grand Strand, but I assure you, our summer concert preview is not eligible for that hall of shame.

First off, we assembled a team of writers with various voices to give you the skinny on our dozen hand-picked shows, so you’re not simply getting the tastes, insights and flair of one mindset. Secondly, we state the reasons – in black and white – why you should devote your free time and money to said entertainment options. And thirdly, we don’t simply list the show, date, time and venue (although we do have that info); we drill a little deeper to provide enough meat so you can make your own informed decisions. In addition, these picks represent various genres – from bluegrass to modern R&B to jam rock to contemporary country – and various venues from the House of Blues to the Beaver Bar’s outdoor pavilion to Fresh Brewed Coffee House.

To get your summer rocking, turn to the home page, and mark these dates on your phone app, calendar or day planner, because you don’t want to be the one who misses out by being ill-informed.

Kent Kimes, Editor

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