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Weekly SurgeJune 6, 2012 

Kent Kimes, Weekly Surge Editor

I made a joke the other day to some colleagues that I was going to run for political office since it seems like everybody else is.
It was a well-received joke as I got a few laughs.
And if I hadn't waited too late to file, I might have given it a shot.
Alas, South Carolina's primary election is slated for Tuesday (June 12).
I've never held public office, but I feel like I'm as qualified as some of the yobbos that are throwing their hats in the ring these days anyway.
I don't think I have too many skeletons in my closet that the political process would reveal - at least not in the Palmetto State.
When I made the aforementioned crack, I was specifically thinking of the Seventh Congressional District - a new seat representing the Grand Strand up on Capitol Hill.
It's been hard keeping track of who is and who is not running for the Seventh District.
There was Thad Viers...then he dropped out.
There was Ted Vick...then he dropped out.
Then there's Call-Harry-Pavilack-Today!, who dropped in.
And there's the former lieutenant governor.
And a blind guy who used to sing at restaurants.
There's the Horry County Council Chairman looking ambitiously at a bigger stage - he's in.
Then there's the former director of the State Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism - he's in, too.
And believe it or not, there's more...
For ambitious political types, the creation of the Seventh Congressional district that encompasses the Myrtle Beach metro area and the Pee Dee region represents an opportunity to play with the big boys on Capitol Hill. This district has been eliminated and brought back a few times in its history; and is being reinstated because of the Grand Strand population boom of the previous decade.
What does it mean for our area to have more representation in Washington and who is running for this office, and who is likely to represent Democrats and who will represent Republicans in the fall after Tuesday's primary weeds out the pretenders?
Despite the circus-like atmosphere of this election, it is very important and can effect how the Grand Strand receives federal money for projects such as I-73/74, and to hopefully give us a voice, without embarrassing us on the national stage.
With Tuesday's primary approaching, we enlisted seasoned correspondent Christina Knauss to analyze the race for this district and delve into why a political circus has sprung up as candidates vie to see who will, "take the big trip to Washington D.C. to represent the Pee Dee are and the Grand Strand," as she writes in this week's cover story starts.
Along with our political analysis, you can find polling and local precinct information and a list of Seventh District candidates along with a breakdown of the new district by the numbers, from Chesterfield to Marlboro to Murrells Inlet.
With 13 candidates on the ballot, I honestly don't know who I'm voting for at this point (not that I'd tell you, anyway).
So grab some cotton candy, some peanuts, and funnel cakes because it's going to be one hell of a show - bearded ladies not withstanding.

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