Music Notes for June 28, 2012

Getting in the Groove

For Weekly SurgeJune 26, 2012 

Hailing from Newnan, Ga., five-piece horn band Groove Stain will hit the Strand for two back-to-back shows, including tonight’s shindig at the Boathouse Waterway Bar & Grill, and Friday’s at Pirate’s Cove. The band will bring its blend of original hard rock/reggae music to a loyal local fan base, built on years of area club dates, indie releases, and its reputation to bring the party.

Nearly 15 years on the road and in the studio, Groove Stain tours the Southeast regularly and tours nationally as well. Taking the indie-label route, the act has released five studio albums including its newest “Hit the Breaks.” One single off the new project is proving to be a fan favorite and is the band’s hottest digital download.

“Girl” has to be our most popular original right now,” said Eric “Erok” Patterson, the band’s guitarist, lead vocalist and primary songwriter. “It’s on the new album we recorded at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta.” The studio is the legendary house behind Usher, Justin Bieber, Outkast and other A-list artists. “We hope to announce a digital distribution deal pretty soon, which will include CDs in stores and all of that.”

Groove Stain’s signature cover of Paul McCartney’s masterpiece “Live and Let Die,” is a highlight of nearly every show and reason alone to catch this high-energy party band. Tonight’s Boathouse show includes Orange Grove along with recent Sound Hole Battle of the Bands finalist, Below the Bassline. Also catch Groove Stain with opener Mike D at 10:30 p.m. Friday at Pirate’s Cove, Main Street, North Myrtle Beach.

Acoustic Wham-O

Little River musician, luthier and inventor, Predice Hendricks says he’s finally managed what few, if any, guitar innovators have been thinking about for decades – a tremolo/whammy bar for an acoustic guitar. Hendricks has teamed up with indie guitar maker BA Ferguson Guitars from Hartsville to incorporate his system into Ferguson’s line of handcrafted acoustic guitars. Hendricks is sponsoring a free clinic/demo of the new system at 1 p.m. Saturday at Star Music, 901 Broadway Street, Myrtle Beach.

Hendricks, and his wife Teri Mason Hendricks, are known to many as the duo That’s Cool ‘N Stuff. The act performs around the Grand Strand, and regularly on The Deck at the House of Blues, including a 4 p.m. show there on Sunday.

Nearly 25-years from light-bulb-over-the-head to one in hand, Hendricks is poised to take his invention to market in a big way. “I wanted one about 30 years ago,” said Hendricks. “I was working at a music store in Virginia and I kept wondering why I had never seen one – nobody had one. So I guess in 1989 or ‘90 I came up with the idea, started the design, got the legal work started in 1998. It’s based on a pillar system that houses the springs, the pivot post, and all the stress is contained within the unit – not the guitar. It works just like a good Floyd Rose [tremolo] does.”

Right now, BA Ferguson guitar is the only manufacturer licensed for Hendricks’ system, though eventually he hopes to market it as an add-on for any acoustic guitar, which requires a luthier and some major surgery.

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