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June 27, 2012 

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What shade is crap?

Your article on “Fifty Shades” (Mommy Porn, July 21) mentions criticism of the book, but only in the sense of it being censored or banned because of its adult content. What about all those people who believe in free speech and that everyone has a right to read it, but no one should because it’s a badly written piece of crap?

Matthew O’ Leary

Dear Matthew,

Thanks for reading our little piece o’ crap.

While the literary merits - or lack thereof - regarding the “Fifty Shades” series wasn’t the crux of the story; rather the phenomenon and how it continues to spread along the Grand Strand was the main point; the quality of E.L. James’ writing was in fact addressed in our story; here’s a direct quote:

“Lee wasn’t overly impressed with the author’s writing. ‘The writing is very raw, and that is putting it nicely,” she said. ‘She is a great storyteller, but not the best writer. To be quite honest, the sex scenes are the best written parts about the books.’”

- The Management

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