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Jason Greene:Business by Association

For Weekly SurgeJune 28, 2012 

Jason Greene, 39, grew up in Turlock, Calif., a small farming town ten miles south of Modesto. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California, majoring in Kinesiology - the study of physiology and human motion. He joined the Marines in 1991 and spent more than 12 years in service. “I was in the reserves while I was in college, and when I graduated I went on active duty,” he says.

Greene was part of the initial invasion force in Iraq in 2003. “I was part of Task Force Tarawa, and my mission there was to control airstrikes. That was my job.”

Before deploying to Iraq, Greene met his future wife, Kelli Shanafelt, at a running race in Sunset Beach, N.C. The pair kept up a correspondence while he was away. “We didn’t have e-mail over there at the time, so I was writing on the back of MRE’s [Meals Ready to Eat].” Shanafelt was already living on the Grand Strand, and when Greene’s Armed Services contract was complete in 2003, he moved to Myrtle Beach.

For five years he has been with Ally Management, a local homeowners association management company. “We manage about 75 [homeowner and community associations] along the Grand Strand and have been in business for over 20 years,” he says, adding that owner Cynthia Bonner started the company with one association and has grown it to 75. “Primarily I am Association Manager, so I deal with the day-to-day operations of the association business.” He is also Director of Communications and Technology – basically integrating these components to the various properties.

A good example is a green initiative that Ally Management is preparing to launch. “I have been spending over three years researching different technologies that would help our associations save money on electricity, fuel or water. A lot of these properties are oceanfront condominiums and have several hundred units,” he says. “Some of these buildings are fairly enormous. We’re trying to find ways to cut costs any way we can so that we can benefit our associations and their budgets.”

Greene is constantly reviewing financial information for clients, making sure bills are paid on time and he visits the properties to ensure that contractors are living up to their contractual obligations. “I do a lot of contract review - really getting down into it to make sure that we are getting what we are paying for – making sure that there is a clear understanding between the contractor that is performing the work and what we expect them to do so that there is no gray area in terms of the work being performed.”

He says he works very closely with rental companies, ensuring a strong line of communication between Ally and the property owners, the rental companies and the owners that choose to rent. “We have a secure portal for each association. If a homeowner needs something, they can actually log into our Web site and get information specifically for the property that they might need.” He also recently finished up an emergency preparation plan for hurricane season.

Greene is also an avid runner. A year ago, he created the Myrtle Beach Race Series []. “We exist to support local charities with their needs in raising funds,” he says. “We also add a different flair to the normal running races that you would typically find.” Instead of a standard 5K or 10K race, the Myrtle Beach Race Series includes elements that Greene says attracts a different kind of person. One example was an event in January called the YMCA Press for Time 5K. “This was a bench press competition and a 5K race – so you got a time discount for every repetition you did on the bench press.”

Personally, Greene runs three or four days a week. “I love running, and I love running races – and the more people the better, I think.” He ran the Dasani Half Marathon in Myrtle Beach in February. “But I’m still running,” he says. “It’s not like I’m taking a break.”

Downtime might include visits to Sun City Café in Myrtle Beach. “It’s one of our favorite restaurants here,” he says. “My wife and I try to go to the beach at least once a week during the summertime if we can – or hit the pool.” He says he just read a book that might be on his top ten list of favorite books: “Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen” by Christopher McDougall.

It appears that Greene has put down roots on the Grand Strand.

“My wife and I plan to stay. And I don’t think that we’ll be leaving any time soon.”

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