Raves & Rage for July 5, 2012

July 3, 2012 

  • More information Did you have an unexpected pleasant experience with a stranger, which re-invigorated your view of humanity? Or did some a-hole just cut you off on the Bypass, nearly causing a 10-car pileup and your blood pressure to boil over? Whatever the emotion, we want to be there for you. So, let it flow, and tell us how you feel with our new interactive feature, Raves & Rage. So, if you want to get something off your chest – trust us, it feels good – send an e-mail with “Raves & Rage” in the subject line to kkimes@weeklysurge.com; or if you want to express yourself the old-fashioned way, call our Raves & Rage line at 444-1RAG(E).


I miss finding Surge in Pawleys at the Food Lion!


I work in a busy buffet in the south Myrtle Beach area and I see so many trashy people and ghettobillies who can’t be happy and just don’t leave tips for great service. I just wonder what really goes thru a ghettobilly’s mind. Wouldn’t that be the most interesting TV show? People have no idea.


To the old dog-faced bitch: Mr. Clean left you, no surprise there.


There’s this horrible man, I hope he gets decked! He rapes women, sex addict, sleeps with prostitutes, then mooches off desperate sluts. He’s broken restraining orders before, now he’s hooked up with a mousy-faced nasty slut. She has ugly tattoos all over her gross, blech body. And two kids who need a visit from DCYF. She’s dumb enough to take him back, he’s probably given her herpes, this guy is a criminal sex-addict and she’s a mouse-faced slut! Gross!

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