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Tuesday, Jul. 10, 2012

Gut Reaction for July 12, 2012

Bellying up to new downtown burrito bar

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Setting the Table

John "Farlo" Farrelly is filling happy bellies with from-scratch burritos at his new Farlo's Burrito Bar in downtown Myrtle Beach.

Farrelly, who grew up in Surfside Beach, spent the last four months renovating the retail space at 815 Main St. He had lots of help from his father, John Frances Farrelly, and together they installed a tile floor, built half-walls and installed black and chrome booths, chairs and tables.

Warm sunset orange paint on the walls adds a spicy tone, but with a decor devoid of paintings or other decorations, the focus is all on the food.

Down the Hatch

I have visited twice and couldn't quite finish my burrito either time. However, on that second trip I had three healthy adult males with me. All of them finished, and said their lunches were satisfying.

The ordering process works as it does at many burritos bars, with a step-by-step process for ensuring your exact favorite burrito fillings (it’s akin to ordering a sandwich at Subway).

First, stand at the front of the burrito bar and select one of five entrees - Burrito, Fajita Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Vegetarian Burrito or Burrito Salad.

Second, select a meat filling. There is chicken, which is marinated overnight and then grilled fresh every day; shredded beef or pork that are slow-cooked in house-made adobo sauce; and steak. A vegetarian option replaces meat with black or pinto beans and thick fresh chunky guacamole.

Third, choose a salsa. There is pico de gallo, roasted corn salsa, green salsa, hot red salsa and mild red.

Fourth, pick other goodies, such as Pepper Jack cheese, Cheddar cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, lettuce and tomatoes. If you opt for a Fajita Burrito, then you also get crispy sautéed bell peppers and purple onions.

I chose a pork fajita burrito ($7.50) with corn "salsa" that isn't like conventional salsa. It's roasted corn and veggies, and doesn't have a sauce on it. The blend of savory meat, sautéed peppers and onions, roasted corn and moderate amount of cilantro lime rice was pleasantly varied, light and extremely satisfying.

The second time I went for the shredded beef, which was luxuriously juicy. My friends tried the chicken and pork, and gave thumbs up all around.

Check, please

Once the burritos are filled, they're rolled and tightly wrapped in foil, then sealed with a shiny gold Farlo's sticker. The idea is to peel off the foil above the sticker before launching a tidy and drip-free munching session.

Chips and guacamole are $2, while a child's meal of two tacos and juice is $4. Bottled beer is sold along with soda, bottled water and bottled teas.

Our lunch for four - four burritos and four non-alcoholic beverages - came to $42, including tax.

Farlo's Burrito Bar is at 815 Main St. in Myrtle Beach, next to Gem City Pizza and across from Redi-et Ethiopian Cuisine. It's open daily from 11 a.m. to midnight, and the number is 712-2307.

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