Raves & Rage

July 11, 2012 

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Re: People (tourists AND locals) who leave garbage on the beach. Really? Are you THAT much of an inconsiderate slob? There’s no excuse.


Don’t stop to let people turn left in front of you, regardless of how courteous it seems. Just yesterday I saw another accident where the left turner was practically T-boned because a car coming up fast in the right lane didn’t know what was happening. I’ve seen several accidents like this and it’s a helpless feeling knowing what’s about to happen and being unable to stop it. Follow the rules. Let the left turner wait. It’s safer for everyone.


What’s up with those who refuse to use the well-marked access lanes to accelerate to speed limit and time the easing into your lane?

Please! Don’t pull out there and stop about half way down or worse...ignore it all together so that we, those behind you, have to wait till you get to cut across both lanes making everything dangerous. Please! Learn how and properly use access lanes.

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