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July 18, 2012 

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I’m One

I have explained before that I’m a sort of e-mail packrat/hoarder as I hold onto things I think may eventually come in handy.

Thankfully, my work account migrated to Google Mail awhile back which has much greater storage capacity, which allows me to fuel this bad habit.

Anyhow, as I’ve written before (once again), some of this saved electronic minutia winds up paying dividends.

I can’t remember how far back I’ve been getting press releases about one-off events at local movie theaters – i.e. something that’s not in a typical theatrical run, and not necessarily a movie – but I sorted through my e-mail and found one dated from July 27, 2009 announcing The Vans Warped Tour 15th Anniversary Celebration screening at Cinemark 14 at Coastal Grand Mall in Myrtle Beach. So we know at least three years, right?

From time to time, I’ve included said events in our weekly best bets bit, On the Fly, on page 2.

Although I’ve deemed these events worthy and interesting enough to include in On the Fly – I’ve never actually attended one.

But that has less to do with interest than reality – I don’t go see many movies these days in the theater – the exception being most of the Marvel Comics-related flicks, and I’ve taken my wife to see the installments of the Harry Potter and “Twilight” series as they were rolled out.

If I had to guess, since my daughter was born almost five years ago, I’ve averaged seeing probably four movies per year in an actual movie theater. There is a direct correlation.

But barring act of God – or other unknown factors that arise when you have two small children – I will break this streak on Tuesday. That’s when “The Who: Quadrophenia – Can You See the Real Me?” is coming for one screening only at the aforementioned Cinemark and the British band is by far my favorite. I first found out about it on The Who’s official Web site, but it wasn’t long after that I got one of those press releases I was talking about.

And then another…

And another…

The bells went off in my head.

I haven’t been to any of these theatrical events – which have ranged from a 20th anniversary of “The Bodyguard” screening to Shakespeare classics to live broadcasts of the Metropolitan opera and Mixed Martial Arts bouts – so who is going?

And who knew this stuff was happening at our li’l beach that’s often labeled as culturally devoid?

It’s high time we investigate.

So we dispatched our Recliner Reviews main man and contributor Derrick Bracey to get to the bottom of these one-night-only offerings, and find out what else is coming down the pipe – (there’s several through this weekend and into next week, by the way, besides the “Quadrophenia” offering) – and his digging resulted in this week’s cover story, which you can read starting on our home page.

And while the press releases sent out about these events are generally pretty detailed, we wanted more info.

But getting beyond the press releases presented somewhat a challenge for our scribe, who was actually told by one company’s public relations person that this so-called communications professional was “unquotable.”

Chew on that for a minute…

Alright, I digress.

Yet Bracey soldiered on, found some excellent sources willing to talk and he’s crafted the story behind the stories that are playing out on local silver screens - and it’s an interesting tale that you may have been unaware of, so I advise turning to the cover story immediately, because if you blink, you might miss something cool.

Kent Kimes, Editor

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