Ridin’ with Big E for July 26, 2012

A Monkey, a Beaver, and a Son walk into a bar…

For Weekly SurgeJuly 25, 2012 

Not Monkeying Around

In a recent column I pondered the future of a local bikers’ hangout, the Beach Monkey’s, existence. Rumors suggested it was closing, renovations suggested it was re-opening, and according to part-owner Leslye Beaver (of Beaver Bar renown, who already had an interest in the building), the bar has been remodeled and the business has changed hands. It will be opening under the name Wild Horse Saloon and Grill in mid-August. The all-new Wild Horse Saloon is located at 10785 S.C. 707, Murrells Inlet.

Can’t Escape The Beaver

Speaking of The Beaver Bar, from 1-7 p.m. Saturday there will be a benefit for Jimmy Mack taking place at the Beaver Bar’s County Line location at 3534 U.S. 17 Business in Murrells Inlet. Mack is a musician who has been entertaining Grand Strand residents and visitors for more than 30 years. He is scheduled to have surgery to remove a tumor on his neck this month so all of his friends are coming together to help with the medical expenses. There will be hours and hours of free live music, a 50/50 raffle, silent auction items, $6 picnic plates, and raffles for $200 cash and a new iPad. (You don’t have to be present to win.) For more information contact Tommy Sanders at 333-0530.

Sons of a...

“Sons Of Anarchy” meets “The Soup” meets “High School Musical” meets “Lost”?

That’s about the size of it. Viewers of the FX cable network’s favorite biker drama “Sons Of Anarchy” should recognize several of the new faces guest starring on the show, but they may not recognize their personalities. Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! One of my favorite comedians, Joel McHale, hilarious host of “The Soup” will change gears from smarmy funny man to slimy con man Warren, who reportedly crosses SAMCRO matriarch Gemma Teller, played by Katey Sagal. Anyone who has seen the show knows that is just asking for a skateboard to the face.

In another change of pace, Ashley Tisdale, best known for her role in Disney’s “High School Musical” will appear in multiple episodes as well, morphing from high school girl to high-priced girl – call girl, Emma Jean, that is. The spicy role and edgy series is expected to be 26-year-old Tisdale’s chance to break free from her teen drama queen reputation and launch her career as a full-grown woman.

Also joining the season 5 parade of guest stars is my mom’s favorite Latin heart throb, Jimmy Smits who will portray gangster Neron ‘Nero’ Padilla - also a change in character from previous well-known roles on the other side of the law in “NYPD Blue” and “L.A. Law.” Former “Lost” star Harold Perrineau will portray Damon Pope, an ex-drug kingpin. I have to admit to being the only guy in the United States who has never seen an episode of “Lost” – yes, really – so I don’t know if he is breaking his former mold or not. You may also recognize Perrneau from his role as Link in two of the “Matrix” movie sequels. Believe it or not, I’ve never seen either of them, but if it helps, I did see the original “Matrix.” Season 5 returning guest stars will include David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff who stretches his character from playing “Baywatch” and viral Internet drunken burger-eating star to random porn star (yeah, ewww) and Danny Trejo who plays what he always plays: a bad guy - in this case a Mexican drug runner and mercenary Romero, “Romeo” Parada.

In a couple of teaser videos that are making the rounds we don’t learn much about what will happen on the upcoming fifth season other than Ryan Hurst’s character Opie “tries to save” Charley Hunnam’s character Jax, according to an interview with Hurst. However, we don’t know if that means saving his life from dangerous criminals, saving him by getting him out of the club life, or saving him from being a wretched sinner and leading him to salvation. Also, the producers revealed Jax crashes his motorcycle (in a video commercial) and lastly that, according to Kurt Sutter (who is the show’s well-known creator, but not many people realize also plays blind, jailed, SAMCRO member Otto Delaney) “We blow shit up!”

The season series premieres on Sept. 11 on the FX cable network and I can’t wait.

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