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From the editor’s desk for Aug. 2, 2012

August 1, 2012 

No pool, no problem...

I didn’t work last week, but late Thursday afternoon I was sanding down some furniture in the extreme blistering heat, and as the sawdust mixed with my sweat, I had a thought: We should go to the pool tonight.

So, I sent my wife a simple text message that read: “Pool?”

And she responded with the affirmative.

We don’t have our own pool, but we have the next best thing. A community pool in our development, which we pay to be members of. It’s worth every penny, especially as the dog days of August approach, and there’s really nothing like cooling down from a hot summer’s day than dipping in the pool and sipping on some adult beverages - minus the sand and threats of aquatic animals you encounter at the beach.

There’s not a bar at our pool, but there’s no rule against bringing some cold PBRs to sip on while we let the kiddos cavort and splash about.

There’s a clubhouse onsite, too, so I’ve joked with my neighbors about turning it into a de facto pub on weekend nights, so we can have bar service and maybe some live music while enjoy the setting sun, fun, and refreshing aqua scene. It’d be like living at a tropical resort, I imagine.

But guess what, campers?

You don’t have to imagine.

And you don’t have to drop loads of hard-earned cash to hang-out poolside and enjoy the ambiance and an adult beverage (or two) and some eats as well, and possibly be entertained.

Yes, some poor saps living in other locales may claim that summer is over as school districts go back into session (seemingly earlier and earlier), but here along the good ol’ Grand Strand, summer is really just getting heated up, especially for locals.

It’s sure to be plenty hot throughout August, so we decided to investigate various spots where you can go get your pool on, and maybe party a little bit, too. And our investigations result in this week’s cover story, which explores the ins-and-outs of several area pool-side spots that welcome locals, and in typical Surge fashion, our crack correspondents actually went to said establishments to dip their toes in the water, so to speak, and capture the feel for you, along with useful details about what each place serves, its amenities, where you can park, your options to avoid pissing in the pool (or worse), and what kind of crowd you might encounter.

So turn to our homepage to find out what our he-said/she-said duo, writers Derrick Bracey and Christina Knauss, discovered along their wet-‘n’-wild journeys.

Happy birthday to us

I’m not going to wax nostalgic too much, because I’ve done so in this space plenty of times. But, another milestone is upon Weekly Surge. Yes, I glance behind me at the blown-up, framed copy of the cover of the inaugural Surge issue leaning against the wall in my cubicle, and it confirms that Surge will be 6 years old on Friday. We launched that first issue on Aug. 3, 2006.

Although we’ve been through many changes in a half-dozen years, or mission stays the same: to bring you stories that you won’t see in other local media outlets, offer a different perspective, and keep you abreast of local nightlife, eats, news and views, and style. Period.

Kent Kimes, Editor

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