Raves & Rage

August 29, 2012 

  • More information Did you have an unexpected pleasant experience with a stranger, which re-invigorated your view of humanity? Or did some a-hole just cut you off on the Bypass, nearly causing a 10-car pileup and your blood pressure to boil over? Whatever the emotion, we want to be there for you. So, let it flow, and tell us how you feel with our new interactive feature, Raves & Rage. So, if you want to get something off your chest – trust us, it feels good – send an e-mail with “Raves & Rage” in the subject line to kkimes@weeklysurge.com; or if you want to express yourself the old-fashioned way, call our Raves & Rage line at 444-1RAG(E).


Why can't people who are healthy enough and have the time just work out and stop taking so many damn pills for every little thing? I admit I love energy drinks, though. And no decent guy wants to date a chick addicted to pills. Just the truth. Flush ‘em and live in the real world and be thankful you live in the best and greatest country in the world and have your freedom and health, because a few billion other people would gladly trade with you.


Have a question? Why are there so many ladies around here with just no personality? Is that what Xanax, smack or beeswax does? Or what ever some of you may be addicted to?

And what do some of you girls have against guys who are in shape who post shirtless pics on dating sites? We live at the beach... what do you suggest? A fur coat?

I like who girls who work out like me...what’s wrong with that?


To the very very heavy man today eating lunch: Good job! Asked for only a hand full of chips for his salsa, a chicken taco salad minus the shell with extra lettuce and an unsweet tea. I don't know you but I am proud of you!

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