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Special edition Harleys set to roll in 2013

For Weekly SurgeSeptember 3, 2012 

Ten 2013 motorcycle models made by Harley-Davidson will get a limited edition treatment to commemorate the company’s 110 years of production. Like previous commemorative edition motorcycles, these will each be adorned with special serial number plates and tank badges denoting the celebration, with a limited run Anniversary Vintage Bronze and Anniversary Vintage Black paint color scheme.

The motorcycles will also have extra factory-installed options as standard equipment, depending on the model, that may include Anti-Lock Brakes, the H-D Smart Security System, Cruise Control, and Contrast Chrome Wheels. These anniversary edition bikes will run $665 to $2,495 more than their standard edition counterparts, but past anniversary models have held their value well as collectors pieces. The ten limited-edition models getting this special treatment are (quantity being produced in parenthesis): (1,500) 1200 Customs; (1,450) Super Glides; (1,750) Fat Boy Lo’s; (1,900) Heritage Softail Classics; (1,750) Road Kings; (3,750) Electra Glide Ultras; (1,450) Tri Glide Ultra Classics; (1,100) CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glides; and (only 900) CVO Road Kings; and CVO Road Glides.

The CVO 110th versions will feature a special paint scheme with fancy colors called “Diamond Dust” and “Obsidian”. The CVO line stands for “Custom Vehicle Operations” and motorcycles with the designation are already the biggest and baddest offered by Harley. CVO editions have upgraded engines and extra-cool styling.

Never one to miss out on a marketing opportunity, there is also a full line of Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary apparel, including men’s and women’s jackets, shirts, hoodies, and hats; as well as bar ware jewelry and ornaments.

Also new from Harley-Davidson are “Hard Candy Custom” paints chock full of huge metal flakes reminiscent of the 1970s. There are three colors available from the factory: Big Red Flame, available on the Street Bob and Seventy-Two; Lucky Green Flake, available on the Street Bob, Seventy-Two, and Softail Deluxe; and Coloma Gold Flake available on the Street Bob, Seventy-Two, Forty-Eight and Blackline models. Having never heard the word “Coloma” before, I did some digging and learned the first traces of gold flakes that spawned the California Gold Rush were discovered in 1848 on the American River near Coloma, Calif., 53 miles north of Sacramento, the state’s capital.


My wife and favorite riding partner, Sissy, and I are counting down the days until we embark on what she calls some motorcycle therapy. We’ll be riding to the Delmarva Peninsula (staying in Ocean City, Md.) for Bike Week (Sept. 13-16). Last year was the first time we attended the local rally and we had a great time with our friends, Dawn Gray and Don Jose Gray who are Maryland transplants now living in Surfside Beach and veterans of the rally; making them great guides for the event.

If you have never been to the rally it is comparable in size and scope to the Fall Rally here on the Grand Strand. There is plenty to do including the usual rally fare of vendors, bands, rides, and contests. (Check out www.motorcycle-usa.com/4/14136/Motorcycle-Article/2012-OC-BikeFest-Heads-to-Ocean-City.aspx for a detailed schedule of events at the main O.C. location.) What makes this one stand out to me though is that it includes the Ocean City area where I spent many a vacation during my misspent youth. The beachfront boardwalk, amusement park Ferris wheel (which is actually closed after Labor Day) and many of the hole-in-the-wall bars that have been there since I frequented them in the ‘80s all bring back memories. One of Dawn Gray’s sisters is orchestrating a family and friends ride to Assateague Island, a national park famous for the wild ponies that inhabit it.

Assateague brings back memories, too. To celebrate my high school graduation, several friends and I rented a pop-up trailer to camp at Assateague. The park ranger warned us that the mosquitoes were really bad that year, but we were 18 and invincible. We lasted about a day-and-a-half before renaming Assateague “Sweeter Beach” and high-tailing it – covered in red mosquito bites - to nearby Ocean City. During the sold-out graduation week we managed to glom on to a hotel rental from some friends that were heading home. The mom and pop’s hotel owners charged males a $100 security deposit (per male) but the room was in a female friend’s name who extended the rental for us before she left. Someone also tipped us off that if you crossed the lobby in groups of more than two people you’d be subject to a thorough interrogation, which is a good thing since we piled eight guys into a two-person room.

Last year’s trip to Ocean City was a lot tamer than trips from my past, but we still enjoyed quite the party. The place is crawling with people who know or are related to our friends so anywhere we went, we took the place over. We braved thunderstorms that brought waterspout tornadoes within blocks of us; we gorged ourselves on blue crabs; and we rode the entire area enjoying bands, bikes, and biker games along with plenty of laughs. I can’t wait to get back. If you can find your way there, look for us at Fish Tails or the de Lazy Lizard on the Bay side.

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