Raves & Rage for Sept. 13, 2012

September 11, 2012 

  • More information Did you have an unexpected pleasant experience with a stranger, which re-invigorated your view of humanity? Or did some a-hole just cut you off on the Bypass, nearly causing a 10-car pileup and your blood pressure to boil over? Whatever the emotion, we want to be there for you. So, let it flow, and tell us how you feel with our new interactive feature, Raves & Rage. So, if you want to get something off your chest – trust us, it feels good – send an e-mail with “Raves & Rage” in the subject line to kkimes@weeklysurge.com; or if you want to express yourself the old-fashioned way, call our Raves & Rage line at 444-1RAG(E).


You know me. I'm the rich bitch with the sons. Everything I can do to nurture my son's sociopathic behavior. Employ his girlfriend, who's too crazy to get a real job, friend all his friends, so they don't think he's crazy. I will do ANYTHING for my son. I have spoiled him to psychopathy and my overindulgent motherhood ways continue. I even married a rich man, for my children, to support them.


I can't wait to key his car, or slash his tires. I know where he works and where he lives...You can get away with it, as long as no one is around to take pics. So the next time you see an A-HOLE driving around in a keyed-up car, laugh and smile for me. My work is done. Also, a good girlfriend of mine caught her man kissing another chick in front of her at a nightclub, so she kicked his side view mirror off in the parking lot. He couldn't press any charges b/c he couldn't prove it. Ladies, grab your keys, boots, we have some cars to key and tires to slash!


So this loser, force frucked me in college - I may have been a slut but I always knew to use protection - is a member of a cult who renamed him. And I sneaked into his "journal confessions, he slept with a mother and daughter." I was disgusted. What kind of monster did I let near me? Well, at least now he's packing his girlfriend's kid’s fudge. He has personality/behavioral disturbances. Gross, what a loser.

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