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Tuesday, Sep. 18, 2012

Gotta Have It for Sept. 20, 2012

Cover your noggin with style

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With fall lurking around the corner, it’s time to prep for the season’s impending change of dress required for cooler temperatures. One great way to cozy up an outfit is to top it off with a hat. Since September is recognized by those in the fashion industry as Fall Hat Month, what better time to shop for a new topper than now?

Men’s and women’s fall fashion lines have featured a range of hats from designers that are right on trend for making a statement this season. Locally, retailers have also begun to tap into the trend with a supply of fashionable headgear pieces for both sexes prime for topping off a look- a worn-in ball cap for a relaxed look, the classic grace of a cloche, or for formal occasions, the ever-popular fascinator.


While the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, a.k.a. Kate Middleton brought fascinators (those quirky, elaborately adorned headpieces) to the forefront, hats and headpieces of any size and shape are still having their moment. However, these millinery pieces are a fun and distinct way for the fashion elite to add a bit of flair to an outfit. Jolene Roberts, owner of Hats Galore at Barefoot Landing, says the headpieces have been in high demand at her store.

“Anything goes - the wilder, the better,” says Roberts on what shoppers are looking for in fascinator designs.

For the perfect party look, top off your favorite little black dress with the Jeanne Simmons Leopard Print Fascinator ($39, Hats Galore). This leopard motif headpiece is adorned with a fountain of printed feathers and black netting overlay that accent the pattern.

Or for a more ladylike approach, top off a cream suit or floral printed dress with the Jeanne Simmons Pink Feather Sinamay Fascinator ($48, Hats Galore). The simple straw base design and light pink feather accent will instantly add chic to any formal attire.

Another popular style for fall and winter is the cloche hat. The cloche was a popular hat style in the 1920s and is coming back into fashion today thanks to shows such as “ Downton Abbey.” Ralph Lauren featured a revamped version of the cloche design in his fall 2012 show as a feminine addition to the menswear trend making a splash in women’s fashion this season.

For your own spin on the trend, opt for one with a fun color and simple adornment. Try on the Sun Day Afternoons Ashbury Cloche Hat in Plum ($49, Hats Galore), which features a 100 percent wool felt asymmetrical crown design topped off with a double flower felt accent. Or for a simpler look, opt for the Something Special Wool Cloche in Purple ($39, Hats Galore). Its classic design is accented with a simple bow outlined with contrast stitching.


For men, a hat is often an easy style addition. This season, men have a wide range of options available for creating that pulled together look.

For the style conscience, a derby hat is a popular look for the season. Roberts says the hat style has been an in-demand item with men of all ages at her store recently, and Moschino, the classic Italian design label, featured the derby in its fall 2012 menswear line.

To try the trend on your own, pull on the Scala Wool Derby Hat in Black ($48, Hats Galore). Its quality wool felt design is accented with a red feather on the side and will look posh paired with a simple monochromatic suit.

Or, for those wishing to channel their inner cowboy, another popular look is western inspired. Opt for the Stetson Snowden Crushable Hat in Back ($65, Hats Galore), for a classic take on the trend. The wool felt design features a three-inch brim and simple leather trim at the crown. Pair the hat with a trench or simple sweater and jeans combination for ultimate style.

If you’re a guy who rocks the relaxed look, the baseball hat is a no fail solution for pulling together a simple outfit. In honor of the start of football season, opt for the Life is Good Football Helmet Classic Chill Hat in Chocolate Brown ($22, Hats Galore). Its soft cotton design in a deep brown hue is accented with a yellow, vintage styled football helmet logo on the front. Throw it on with a classic plaid button down and jeans for an easy weekend look.

These hats and headpieces can be found locally at Hats Galore at Barefoot Landing, 4822 U.S. 17, North Myrtle Beach. For more information, call 272-7242, or visit
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