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From the editor’s desk for Sept. 20, 2012

September 19, 2012 

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Laying down the Snapshot Smackdown

I like technology and am not overly resistant to it in this rapidly changing world – especially the kind that makes things easier.

But I still fumble around with stuff and most of the time I feel like technology is working me, rather than the other way around.

Anyhow, despite the fact I have probably used about 5 percent of the functions that my Smartphone is capable of, I have been pleasantly surprised by the awesomeness of some of the photos I’ve been able to take with it.

The operative word is “some.”

And I don’t really know how I’ve done it. But I took a spectacular, and I mean spectacular, photo of the whale tank at the Georgia Aquarium that could be used as a postcard, magazine cover, or poster – but I’m not quite sure how I did it as we were trying to corral two kids, a stroller, and a grandma in a sea of massive humanity I hadn’t witnessed at an attraction outside of a sporting event.

And I’m not much of a photographer, either.

I never really wanted to be.

I’m perfectly happy letting those that know all about shutter speeds, aperture, lighting, etc. to do what they do.

I’ll stick to words.

But this advent of technology – especially the digital revolution – has allowed more people to dabble in photography, much to the chagrin of the professional lens-men (and women) who are trying to rise above the fray and make a living in an increasingly marginalized field. But, it’s the same with writing – everyone thinks they’re Mark Twain since the Web and self-publishing have made it possible to get your stuff out there without those hoity-toity gatekeepers. But I digress…

Seeking to take advantage of the technology that allows us to share our photos more easily and looking for another way to connect our publication with our readers, four years ago we devised the Surge Summer Snapshot Smackdown, a photo contest for local amateur shutterbugs meant to highlight what it means to live in this wild, weird, and wonderful place we call the Grand Strand during those warm, wild, weird and touron-infested months.

And I’m happy to report that the fourth edition of this contest is the subject of this week’s cover story and that the awesome photo you see on the cover featuring an old icon – the Gay Dolphin – and a new one – the Skywheel – is the winning frame.

To find out about the person behind the contest-winning photo return to our homepage to meet Allyson Switzer.

Her photo finished in the Top 5 online voting that we opened up to readers via, and then the Surge creative team selected it as this year’s winner.

And for all you whiners out there saying “it’s not fair,” you know what – you’re right, it’s not fair, it’s subjective and we picked the one we liked, because it’s our contest. Life is not fair – grab a helmet.


I may be letting the cat out of the bag a little bit, but next week’s A Gay in the Life column will be writer Chris Rudisill’s last. He’ll tell you more about it next week, but I’m looking for another writer to carry on the good work that Rudisill has established with the column and I’m looking local. If you, or someone you know, is interested, please send a note to: No phone calls please.

What I’m looking for is someone with a proven ability to write clearly and engagingly about complex issues, but in a way that connects with local readers; someone who is tuned into the local LGBT community (but not pushing a business or organization-related agenda), someone who is bursting with ideas and creativity, and, this is very important: is a stickler for deadlines and can file articles on time every two weeks. This involves talking to sources and interviewing real people, so it’s not suited for introverts and wallflowers. Knowledge of AP style is a plus, as is the ability to cover events at night and on the weekends.

Kent Kimes, Editor

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