Pod Picks for Sept. 27, 2012

September 25, 2012 

We’ve taste-tested the following tracks for you and whole-heartedly recommend them for downloading (legally, of course) or streaming to your personal media device.

"You Kill" by Eternal Summers

Following up their 2010 debut self-titled EP, this Roanoke, Va. band has bulked up and gotten tight. Originally a two-piece of guitar and drums, they added bassist, Jonathan Woods, for the new album, “Correct Behavior.” And now, their punk-pop has some meat to it. Singer/guitarist Nicole Yun sets a tone that’s evocative of The Breeders or early Liz Phair. A defiant vibe with a melody and a beat and you can dance to it. The transformation to trio status suits this approach and they sound so big for their age.

"Hell Broke Luce" by Tom Waits

Even if you’re the biggest Tom Waits fan, you’ve got to admit, the last decade was not kind to the Godfather of Grit. His albums were lackluster and his once gravel voice went to indecipherable mush. But for a guy who started out as the crooner of the Waffle House and switched to an experimental troubadour thumbing his nose at every preconceived convention he happens past, except love…oh, he still holds true to love. Waits is back with “Bad as Me” an album as complete as 1992’s “Bone Machine.” This song is a rant about war and the politics involved. And you can understand what he’s ranting about – a return to form from a man who thumbs his nose at forms.

"Classy Girls" by Nervous Wreckords

This is not only the first single off Nervous Wreckord’s new album, “Let Them All Talk,” it’s the first song the band ever wrote. The band is the brainchild of Brian Karscig, the former singer/guitarist/songwriter for the rock band, Louis XIV. After tooling around with an EP in 2009 and an album of no-frills demos in 2010, Karscig brings the style on this track, blending the strut of T-Rex with an indie-glam-rock mix. The tambourine and bongos are just as prominent as the guitar. And how can you say no to lyrics like, “A dirty girl will go down on you, but a classy girl, you’ll go down on, too.”

Derrick Bracey, for Weekly Surge

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