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October 3, 2012 

A brewing enigma for a decade

As long as I’ve still got a relatively sound mind, I will never forget the experience of witnessing progressive metal act Kings X, with Marshall amps literally stacked to the ceiling, blowing the rafters off the back room at the intimate Fresh Brewed Coffee House in downtown Myrtle Beach.

Here are excerpts from my review of that 2004 show:

“You could hear the reverberations all along the Superblock.

The gunshot impact of the snare drum, the rumbling bass lines, and squealing guitar riffs emanating from the West Broadway coffeehouse.

Yes, I said coffeehouse - you know those generally sedate places where bookish types sip overpriced cappuccino, discuss literature, play chess and perhaps are treated to an intimate acoustic performance.

Not this coffeehouse on this night.

Texas-based melodic metal power trio King's X made sure of that during its bone-jarring, nearly two-hour set Saturday at Fresh Brewed Coffee House in downtown Myrtle Beach.”

Colin “Beerman” Burch, who is a huge Kings X fan, and I often reminisce about this show because we attended it together, grabbing a few pre-game brews a few blocks away at Bodo’s.

We had, OK, we chose to, pre-game, because alcohol is not ‘lowed at Fresh Brewed.

And it’s one of the few alcohol-free nightlife joints to survive the booze-soaked beach scene – and get this, Fresh Brewed is marking its 10th anniversary this month.

Many folks know about this eclectic/Bohemian gathering spot, but still many more of us sprawled out along the Grand Strand have never stepped foot in the establishment.

Every now and again, I run into Fresh Brewed Coffee House’s proprietor and founder Kevin Turner, usually at rock shows at the House of Blues, and that Kings X show generally comes up in conversation.

I’ve never quite been able to make sense of what was going on at Fresh Brewed - but admittedly that’s from distant perch.

It seemed slightly unorganized, and I knew there was some sort of religious undercurrent.

But it seems in the last year or so, the venue has really stepped up its game hosting more events and publicizing them well – from artist showcases, to social media workshops to open mike nights. And its décor is far cry from those early days when it was practically a pour-your-own java throw-some-change-in-a-bucket kinda place with some random furniture strewn about.

And the plot thickens - Turner, who studied at Erskine Theological Seminary, in between running the coffee house, makes overseas missions trips to third world nations, doling out supplies and other items that enhance quality of life and working with kids that have been traumatized by war.

He may not be the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World – but Turner is certainly one of the Strand’s most interesting and intriguing characters, so with Fresh Brewed’s 10th anniversary as the backdrop, we dispatched correspondent Paul Grimshaw to find out what makes this guy tick.

How has this coffee house survived a decade - half of which has been mired in a recession?

What’s in store for the future?

Why do Turner and a host of volunteers do what they do?

Is King’s X coming back?

For the answers to these questions - and many more - return to our homepage to read Grimshaw’s report, which is this week’s cover story.


Ken t Kimes, Editor

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