Music Notes for Oct. 18, 2012

New fest boasts super lineup of local music

For Weekly SurgeOctober 16, 2012 

The 5 Points area in downtown Myrtle Beach is a neighborhood/district we’ve covered extensively, off and on, over our six-plus years of publishing Weekly Surge. Why? This district, wedged between Main Street, 8th Avenue North and Broadway Street, also called the “Superblock,” is one of the city’s most diversified areas featuring a mix of unusual small retail shops, bars (including the area’s best-known LGBT-friendly establishments), along with independently owned and operated restaurants. Live original music, too, has in the past been an important feature of the area, though less so lately. The inaugural 5 Points SuperFest, free to attend, is scheduled for Saturday, rain or shine, and the festival will once again bring live music to this not-quite-oceanfront neighborhood, that many locals still know so little about.

Nearly all of the 5 Points-area merchants (and those in adjacent neighborhoods) are actively promoting their unusual downtown district as a part of this one-day music, food and exhibitors’ festival, from noon to 11 p.m. Saturday. Organizers hope the event will entice visitors and locals to experience the flavors and diversity of this eclectic neighborhood.

Is this another Oktoberfest?

“No it’s not,” laughed Bill Jones, owner of 5 Points’ business Cherry Elm, and the chief SuperFest organizer. “We don’t have Kool & the Gang, or expect Oktoberfest crowds. But can we get 1,000 or 1,500 people to come throughout the day and night? I think so.”

Jones has a background in the food-and-beverage industry, handling the logistics for stadium and arena events around the country. A newcomer to 5 Points (his business opened in March), he has a vested interest in seeing the area thrive.

“A group of us small business owners got together to discuss the idea, and we came up with the music, food and exhibitor festival concept. We reached out to the city. We attended workshops, and finally have this thing coming together.” In addition to two stages with non-stop local music, some 60 vendors from throughout the greater 5 Points area will set up in the large parking lot partially hidden from view, which sits behind the buildings along the triangle between Main Street, 8th Ave N., and Oak Street.

Attempting to cater to a family audience, the daytime stages will feature mascots, Spiderman, Kids Karaoke and DJs, but also scheduled to perform: Lost in the Middle, Mark Burnett, Brian Roessler, Chasing Charleston, Josh Kendrick, DJ Adam, Mammal Fish, Lockwood Folly, Bamboo Forest, and 5 Alive. The deejays and local musicians have volunteered their time and talent to help the 5 Points merchants after an unusually “slow” season, according to Jones.

“We need to let people know of all the great businesses down here, and this was the best way we could think to do it. When this wraps up at 11, we hope those still downtown will visit the area clubs and restaurants,” continued Jones.

Necessary Break

In a surprise announcement 10 days ago, long-running local act, The Necessary Band, announced it would cancel its remaining 2012 dates, and would not actively schedule any in 2013 – at least for now. Band founder, vocalist and bassist Mark Necessary, reflected on the move.

“After Monty [Mark Montanaro, keyboardist/vocalist] left for Nashville, we had every intention of moving forward as a three-piece, with me, Mike McCoy [guitar/vocals] and Danny Evans [drums/vocals]. But due to some personal issues with Danny it became apparent that we would not be able to move forward as I’d hoped, and it was time to take a break. It had a lot to do with keeping the Necessary brand at the high level we’ve been known for. We had built a reputation with our fans and our clients that I didn’t feel we could uphold right now, but I’m hopeful. Anything is possible in the future.”

Meanwhile, Necessary is a singing bassist with a truck and P.A. for hire who says he’d consider bringing his assets and talents to the right act if the opportunity presented itself. McCoy, a seasoned veteran as both a guitarist and vocalist, is also seeking opportunities to continue in his craft.

We wish them well.

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