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Procure chic seasonal décor without breaking the bank

To welcome fall in to your home, you don’t have to spend much to decorate for the season. It’s easy to create a festive atmosphere by incorporating warm autumn tones, floral pieces, and scents that are inviting while also budget friendly.

By infusing small additions such as toss pillows, seasonal fragrances, and tabletop accessories, your home can be a warm and welcoming place for entertaining friends and family from October through Thanksgiving.


Greet guests with a festive entryway. Whether you rent an apartment or own your own house, you can easily create a cozy first impression by dressing up your porch or doorway for the season.

Start with the front door and add an autumn wreath or pumpkin for a neutral holiday look. For a modern look, opt for the Harvest Twig Floral Teardrop ($16.99, Kirkland’s). The teardrop design measures 28 inches and features looped grapevine interwoven with sunflowers, berries, and leaf accents. Or, hang the Large Metal Pumpkin ($19.95, Pier 1 Imports) on your front door for a festive alternative. Its metal design is accented with a bright orange hue and stamped pattern, which gives it a three dimensional texture.

For smaller spaces, finish the look by adding the Harvest Pumpkin Doormat ($19.95, Pier 1 Imports) to allow guests to wipe their feet in style. If you have a porch area, add a display of fresh pumpkins in varying sizes. For a personalized addition, opt for the Harvest Monogram Pumpkin in Orange or Cream ($29.99 each, Kirkland’s) with your family initial. The cursive font adds a touch of elegance, while the bright shade of orange or neutral cream hue adds a seasonal flair.

Living Room

Small additions to your living room or family room can easily create a fall festive look.

If you have a neutral sofa, swap out your everyday throw pillows and replace them with a large dark orange or yellow pillow mixed with one or two accent pillows such as the Harvest Owl Pillow in Brown ($12.99, Kirkland’s) or Harvest Gold Sunflower Pillow ($12.99, Kirkland’s). Their patchwork designs of varying fabrics and colors will add a bit of charm to any chair or loveseat.

Another cheap and chic way to decorate for fall is with candles. Opting for ones in autumnal tones in red, orange or green that give off a sweet or woodsy aroma are aesthetically pleasing and can create a cozy atmosphere.

Opt for a rich, inviting scent such as the Yankee Candle Harvest Welcome Large Jar Candle ($27.99, Yankee Candle) to fill a room with the smell of spiced pumpkins. Or, try a crisp scent such as Yankee Candle Apple Pumpkin Large Jar Candle ($27.99, Yankee Candle), which will leave your home smelling like fresh baked pie. Dress the candle up by wrapping raffia around it and finishing it off with a bow, or buy the Harvest Candle Ring ($5.99, Kirkland’s) which features a wreath-like design of leaves, berries and small gourds.

Kitchen/Dining Room

The kitchen or dining room is another place you can add a bit of seasonal décor on the cheap. A fast and easy way to infuse a taste of fall is with a table centerpiece in a simple, chic design.

Opt for the Harvest Leaf Table Runner ($19.99, Kirkland’s), its four large leaf designs in a variety of autumnal colors will add instant impact to any wood finish or neutral tablecloth. Top it with the Metal Pumpkin Candle Holder, Set of Three ($19.99, Kirkland’s). Each pumpkin varies in size and shape and will add a dynamic to any tabletop. For a crafty look, fill the base of each pumpkin with berries or leaves instead of the candles.

For special dinners or family gatherings, opt for a few seasonally designed platters. The Harvest Leaves Glass Platter ($24.95, Pier 1 Imports) will accent most table settings thanks to its embossed and painted glass leaf design. Use it to serve appetizers during a party or to display desserts after dinner.

These items can be found locally at the following retailers: Kirkland’s, 10796 Kings Road, Myrtle Beach. For more information, call 449-9626, or visit Pier 1 Imports, 1101 Seaboard Street, Myrtle Beach. For more information, call 448-7883, or visit Yankee Candle, 2000 Coastal Grand Circle, Myrtle Beach. For more information, call 626-8737, or visit

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