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Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012

Pod Picks for Nov. 1, 2012

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This week we recommend some musical overtones for the heated presidential race which you can download (legally, because this is America, damn it!) or stream to your iPod, iPhone, or other personal media device made in a foreign sweatshop.

"I’m Dreaming" by Randy Newman

The king of the soundtrack category of the Oscars takes a minute out of writing songs for Pixar movies to return to his sardonic roots. He plays the devil’s advocate as he takes the melody from “White Christmas” and croons about dreaming of a white president. His lyrics have a playful bite and his disdain for the current state of the Republican party drips from lines like, “A real live white man, who knows the score, how to handle money or start a war. Wouldn’t even have to tell me what we’re fighting for.” Nobody does musical satire with the panache Newman exudes.

"Reboot the Mission" by The Wallflowers

We tried to find a song catered to endorse Mitt Romney for the sake of equal time. But we’re having little luck, even with Meat Loaf’s recent endorsement. After Silversun Pickups asked the Romney camp to stop using its song, “Panic Switch,” and Nicki Minaj reversed her endorsement of Romney, claiming sarcasm – this is the best we could do. Despite the title, it’s not political at all actually. It’s a bit of a dub-step dance number that sounds a lot like The Clash. Oddly enough, The Clash’s Mick Jones plays guitar and sings back-up on the track. Wallflowers return after a 7-year break to make your booty move.

"Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed)" by Devo

Here’s your non-partisan pick. There’s nothing anti-Republican about this track which tells the story of Seamus – Mitt Romney’s Irish setter which rode 650 miles in a crate on top of the car during a Romney family vacation in 1983. "This isn’t a red-state thing or Devo stumping for Obama," Devo’s Jerry Casale told Rolling Stone. However, the track does speak to the topics of personal character and animal abuse. But the only side this barnburner picks is Seamus’ as the aged rockers attack the speakers like Weezer at its most raucous. Casale and Devo have been making music together for 40 years and this song proves they can still whip it good.

Derrick Bracey, for Weekly Surge

Derrick Bracey, for Weekly Surge

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