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The Real Househusbands of Seattle?

I realize approximately four weeks ago I wrote about the then-upcoming elections and the Marriage Equality initiatives on the ballots in four states. But since that time, voting Americans have made a momentous decision. Jason Brock has been eliminated from “The X Factor.”

I’m kidding. because Brook was the one openly gay contestant, I was obliged to support him even if my true reason for tuning in was to wait for the eventual Britney Spears meltdown. Even if that does happen, it will only be second rate because nobody can do live TV crazy like Paula Abul.

OK, let’s get back to gay marriage instead of gay reality show contestants.

For the first time in the history of our nation, residents have cast their ballots in favor of same-gender marriage in four states. The great states of Maine, Maryland and Washington have said “I do” to the big ballot questions. Minnesota also spoke out in favor of LGBTQ people by banning any future laws that could limit the definition of marriage to mean the union of one man and one woman. The big deal about this news is that the other five states and the District of Columbia where marriage equality is the law of the land are states where the matter has been enacted by either a legislative process or by a legal battle. While I am certainly not opposed to either process as a means to an end, it makes a much more meaningful statement when the people go to the polls and decline to discriminate.

Since the insanity of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) began to sweep the nation in 1996, there has been a quest within the gay community for the much-needed right of marriage equality. When you consider those words at face value, it seems almost laughable. I think they could be paraphrased with “please allow me to be a human being.” In a nation where people are allowed to drive through a wedding chapel in Las Vegas and presidential candidates are on their third marriages, DOMA seems to be about as relevant as Sarah Palin’s views on geography or Donald Trump’s thoughts on passports. All of the neoconservatives wandering the streets with placards quoting ancient scripture taken out of context don’t seem to realize that they are really nothing more than rabble roused by self-serving politicians. End of sermonette. Amen.

Now is a time to celebrate and to look forward. In a world where reality TV has taken on just about every subject imaginable, same-gender marriage becoming legal is opening up an entirely new subject matter and industry. I can see a solid viewer base lining up to watch as “The Real Househusbands of Seattle” bond over great coffee and the latest erectile dysfunction treatment or the show where the lovely ladies of Maine search frantically for the ideal wedding fashion in “Say Yes to the Flannel.” I don’t have a patent on either show at this point, so please feel free to develop them as you see fit and credit me as the Executive Producer. You have to admit, any of these ideas are better than a season of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”

Within the last two decades, there has been plenty of blatant discrimination and outright hate displayed against gay people. I think this recent vote sends a clear message that these ideas and actions are no longer tolerable. Our LGBTQ community is now poised to teach acceptance in a manner that can resolve many of the fears and prejudices of others. The era when people who identified themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual were advised by clergy or other professionals that they should marry someone of the opposite sex and thereby cure themselves of their misguided feelings is finished. Enlightenment eventually eclipses ignorance. The fact is that gay marriage is gaining nationwide acceptance. The progress of the last four years has been remarkable. To quote Gavin Newsome, former Mayor of San Francisco on this subject: “The door’s wide open now, it’s going to happen whether you like it or not.”

To those people who will not look kindly on this commentary or this subject matter, I can only welcome your thoughts on the subject. I’m certainly tolerant, if nothing else. I try to avoid the mean-spirited approach when it comes to discourse and debate. I think we have too much of that in the nation as it is and it serves no worthwhile purpose. We all share in the same basic life experiences and now we can share the same bridal registries and wedding planners.

The trend towards tolerance taking hold in our nation is an opportunity to try reasoning together and to understand each other. It is not an assault on values or an attack on any belief systems. Our country is simply beginning to catch up to our neighbors to the north, the south and across the seas. With all of the beautiful scenery, world-class hotels and shopping venues, Myrtle Beach could become the new honeymoon destination for plenty of happily married gay and lesbian couples. Besides, the gay community has suffered through a decade of the traditional marriages on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” It’s time we had our turn.


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