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Wednesday, Dec. 05, 2012

Hot tickets for Dec. 6, 2012

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Wanna see a show?

Get off your duff and make plans now for these sizzling acts coming to the Grand Strand and the Carolinas.


New this week:

It seems the Pick of Destiny has chosen the Grand Strand, and the self-described rocking-est mock rock act, Tenacious D, featuring comedic actors Jack Black and Kyle Gass, is coming to the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach on March 9, with tickets going on sale Dec. 14. According to sources, this performance will feature the two-guys-and-acoustic guitars format of Tenacious D of yore rather than the full-blown rock band version. Never the less, Black and Gass bring the noise. Tickets are $50, $90 and $100, available at the venue box office, online at or by calling 800-745-3000.

Meanwhile, one of the acts that Tenacious D has pastiched and paid tribute to, the Dennis de Young-less version of Styx (“Come Sail Away,” “Too Much Time on My Hands,” “Renegade”), still featuring Tommy Shaw and James “J.Y.” Young returns to the House of Blues on Feb. 16 and tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday. They’ll set you back $32 to $76.50. Tickets will be available at the box office, by calling 800-745-8000 or online at

The Redheaded Stranger’s galloping close to the beach, but not quite here as Willie Nelson & Family have a gig booked for Feb. 9 at the Florence Civic Center with tickets going on sale at 10 a.m. Friday. Tickets are $32.50, $46.50, and $56.50 available via or by calling 800-745-3000...or if you feel like taking a roadtrip to the venue box office at 3300 West Radio Drive, Florence. Incidentally, Nelson and Family are performing nearby on Friday, with a sold-out show at the Odell Williamson Auditorium on the campus of Brunswick Community College in Supply, N.C. If you want to get on the waiting list in the event that more tickets ($66) become available for Friday’s show, call 910- 910-755-7416. For more information, go to

Previously announced:

Tickets recently went on sale for ska/punk band Less Than Jake’s (“She’s Gonna Break Soon”) Dec. 29 gig at the House of Blues, also featuring support acts Lionize and Protagonist. They’ll set you back $20 in advance, $22 day of show. Available at the venue box office at 4640 U.S. 17 S., Barefoot Landing, North Myrtle Beach, online at or by calling 800-745-3000.

Los Angeles-based but Grand Strand-born professional actor Bill Oberst is returning to his roots with a one-man show entitled “Weird Tales” set for Jan. 12 at the Strand Theater in Georgetown, and tickets are $15. There will be two shows - at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Call 527-2924.

In an occurrence that’s ranking right up there with death, taxes and seafood buffets, the 9th annual Green 17 Tour, featuring headliners Flogging Molly, returns to the House of Blues for some pre-St. Patrick’s Day roguery on Feb. 8, and tickets went on sale Nov. 16. How much green will you need to secure tickets? They range from $26 to $53.50. You can snag ‘em at the venue box office, on the Interwebs at or by dialing 800-745-3000.

North Charleston

Blues master B.B. King and his famed guitar Lucille keep rolling right along and the legendary artist will perform April 23 at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center with tickets going on sale at 10 a.m. Friday. Reserved seats are $49 and $69. Snag ‘em online at or by calling 800-745-3000.

Kent Kimes, Editor

Kent Kimes, Editor

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