Pod Picks for Dec. 13, 2012

December 12, 2012 

Get locked and loaded with these fresh tracks we recommend for downloading (legally, of course) or streaming to your iPod, iPad, iPhone or other personal media device.

“Tempest” by The Deftones

The Deftones are two years from celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the band’s debut album - 18 years of the Deftones creating hardcore, emotional soundscapes. Singer Chino Moreno’s vocals have always been tailor-made for this hybrid of hard/psychedelic rock – they’re raw and ragged and his screams work like an instrument in the tides of sound. This track is a nice sample of the Sacramento band’s seventh album, “Koi No Yokan.” They hit their groove, recalling past work, and letting the music splash down around them in waves. It’s low-key hardcore. It’s dark and moody. It’s Deftones doing their thing.

“Hold On (Shut Up)” by Machine Gun Kelly, feat. Young Jeezy

Or MGK, if you’re down. He got his name from spitting lyrics like a Tommy Gun. Rocking a thug-style, he’s the first white rapper to win an emcee battle at the Apollo Theater and he’s from Cleveland – yes, that Cleveland. Creeping in like a horror movie soundtrack, this song drops into a heavy, grimy beat with rhymes blasting past you in a flash. He’s got four mixtapes that have made successful rounds. He’s 22 years-old, just released his debut album, “Lace Up,” and has mad plans to come straight outta Cleveland.

“Amy AKA Spent Gladiator 1” by The Mountain Goats

John Darnielle is The Mountain Goats. He writes all the songs, sings, plays guitar and keyboard and if you retrace the band’s history, you’ll see 20 years of experimental music recorded on boom boxes by Darnielle and pieced together bands – choirs and electric noise and sounds that mope and soar. But as the years go by, Darnielle has gotten more conventional. He’s playing it straight on this tune in a four-piece alt-folk outfit. And they produce a grooving rock backdrop for Darnielle’s geeky, catchy vocals. Sometimes, a goat just needs to eat his experimental pride and rock out.

Derrick Bracey, for Weekly Surge

Derrick Bracey, for Weekly Surge

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