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Monday, Dec. 17, 2012

Gotta Have It for Dec. 20, 2012

Getting on the good foot with holiday shoe options

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'Tis the season for celebrating at holiday parties, donning sparkling little black dresses, and sipping on martinis. For women in search of the perfect pair of shoes to complete a New Year’s Eve ensemble or looking for a gift for a shoe fiend, the hottest current trends will have your bases covered.

The three looks topping the list - ankle boots, strappy heels, and flats - are great for gift-giving or stepping into for finishing a winning party look. Metallic hues, studs, suede, and rich leathers are the stylish way to incorporate these styles into your wardrobe.

Give ‘Em the Boot

While knee-high boots are still widely popular, ankle boots are a chic(er) way to wear the trend this season, especially when dressed up with studs or a rich color.

If you’re searching for an ankle-boot that can go from day to night, step into the MICHAEL Michael Kors York Platform Booties in Black ($195, Dillard’s). The smooth supple leather front is highlighted by the black snakeskin back-and-gold zipper detail. Wear it with a pencil skirt for the office, or pair them with skinny jeans and a glitzy tank for evening.

If you would rather opt for an ankle boot with a little more edge, try the Vince Camuto Dany Suede Booties in Ruby ($99.99, Dillard’s). Gold studs that line the stiletto heel add drama to these red suede ankle boots. Or, if you’re looking for a more casual pair for everyday wear, the UGG Australia Jamison Leather Booties in Chocolate ($250, Dillard’s), will add appeal to any casual ensemble.

Strap Me On

If you have an array of holiday parties and gatherings planned, investing in a shoe that sparkles is the easiest way to compliment an LBD (Little Black Dress) or dress up a suit.

For a shoe that will shine at any angle, opt for the MICHAEL Michael Kors Gideon Glitter Pumps in Gunmetal ($165, Dillard’s). The basic round toe style of this pump shines thanks to the dark silver glitter effect that covers the shoe. Pair them with a blue pencil skirt or dress up a pair of cream skinny jeans.

If you’re headed to an office party or looking for an elegant heel to complete a sophisticated suit, try on the Antonio Melani Gabriela Platform Pumps in Rose Cream ($98, Dillard’s). The sheen of this cream peep-toe heel is accented with a whimsical gold and rhinestone design. Pair it with a fuchsia shift dress or a bold, color-blocked suit for a stunning look.

Wearing a glittery party dress or top to a New Year’s Eve bash? Finish the look with the Antonio Melani Tamra Jeweled Sandals in Silver ($110, Dillard’s). These stiletto-styled sandals shine thanks to the ornate, strappy design highlighted with gunmetal hued rhinestones.

Flashy Flats

If you’re not into heels, there are plenty of fabulous flats available for donning when on the go or are also perfect for wearing to a party. Opt for flats rich in details and color for the most stylish appeal.

Give the gift of comfort with a pair of studded, suede flats that will look pretty peeking out from jeans or under an A-line skirt. Try on the Vince Camuto Toker Blue Suede Flats ($110, Dillard’s) for optimal, edgy style with its blue suede design trimmed in gold metallic patent leather and black studded toe cap.

Or add some pizzazz to a pair of boyfriend jeans with a pair of flats in a bright color. The GB Gianni Bini Soul-Mate Smoking Slippers in Bermuda Pink ($59.99, Dillard’s) will shine thanks to the vibrant hue of their faux pink snakeskin design.

Or, for a more subtle option, step into the Alex Marie Paige Suede Flats in Nikki Red ($59.99, Dillard’s). These flats are high on style due to their bold red suede design accented with a black-and-brown suede bow and will easily compliment dark denim or a black shift dress.

These shoes can be found locally at Dillard’s, 100 Coastal Grand Circle, Myrtle Beach. For more information, call 839-2917, or visit
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