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December 19, 2012 

Only five more shopping daze left...

As I write this column, I’m only three gifts into my Christmas shopping.

But I pretty much know what I’m searching for and I’m a man; I’ve got plenty of time left, right?

Well, yes and no.

If your gift recipients live nearby and you plan on exchanging presents in-person, you’ve still got plenty of time with a full weekend of holiday sales extravaganzas ahead.

But if you’re trying to get something in the U.S. Mail to out-of-towners before Christmas Day (which is Tuesday, by the way), all I can say is “ruh-roh.”

OK, back to my seemingly slacker gift procuring. My opening statement was a little bit misleading. I’m actually very much on-point with Christmas shopping for immediate family because my wife has been handling the bulk of it – I just kind of give the nods of approval when appropriate.

I have mostly avoided the malls (I’ve got nothing against them and the commerce they represent, just don’t want to be trampled in the madness), I’ve avoided the three-ring circus known as Wal-Mart, and even its kinder/gentler/yoga-pants-heaven cousin, Target, except for late in the day on Black Friday.

I’m basically down to buying a few gifts for the wife – and I want them to be personal, some items that aren’t mass-produced, and have some individual meaning, and if possible tie in to living here at the beach, because it’s where we met. If my purchases can help out local merchants and not feed the corporate machine/made-in-China plastic conglomerates, then even better.

So once I finish up this week’s edition of Weekly Surge, I’m going to check out some of the options outlined in our second annual alternative gift guide that we’ve concocted for this week’s cover story, a li’l something we’ve dubbed the 2012 Daze of Gen-Xmas. As with last year’s gift guide, this one is again penned by intrepid correspondent Derrick Bracey, and again it focuses on items either produced here on the Grand Strand or with local ties – and we’re not talking about short-shorts that say “Durty Myrtle” across the ass (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Instead, we’ve outlined a baker’s dozen-plus gift options that run the gamut from boom boxes made from recycled suitcases to jerky made by a local rock ‘n’ roller to gift certificates for locally-brewed beer to tickets for family fun at the area’s only NCAA basketball program, and plenty more.

So return to our homepage and get started on making your list, checking it twice, and making the magic happen for your loved ones and gift-recipients.

And another option for art-lovers on your gift-giving list is outlined in this week’s On the Fly report, so be sure to check out the entry detailing the 3rd annual Transcend Art and Music Exposition in North Myrtle Beach.

Also, if you’re looking to give the gift of music, check out our CD box set recommendations on our home page.


And speaking of music…Our Hot Tickets column is not running this week, but I wanted to let you know about a notable show that’s coming up at the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach. Tickets will go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday for alt-metal act Deftones’ March 16 concert at HOB. Tickets range from $27.50 to $66, available at the venue’s Barefoot Landing box office, online at, or by calling 800-745-3000.


And one last piece of housekeeping: You may notice that the bi-weekly Ridin’ with Big E column is running back-to-back weeks. Because of some timely local biker-related events that we would miss if we didn’t publish them this week, I made the decision to go with Eric “Big E” Rutherford’s column instead of the bi-weekly eco-friendly Living Green column. Living Green will resume next week.

Kent Kimes, Editor

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