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Capsule reviews of films opening this week:

December 23, 2012 

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“DJANGO UNCHAINED” (R) Quentin Tarantino delves into history again, this time using the spaghetti western genre to explore pre-Civil War slavery in the U.S. Jamie Foxx stars as a slave separated from his wife and Christoph Waltz is the bounty hunter who tries to help to reunite the couple.

“LES MISERABLES” (PG-13) Director Tom Hooper (“The King's Speech”) brings the beloved stage musical to the screen, with Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Helena Bonham Carter and an Oscar-bound Anne Hathaway singing their hearts out.

“PARENTAL GUIDANCE” (PG) Billy Crystal and Bette Midler star as a couple who agree to look after their grandkids for a spell, but their old-fashioned rearing methods clash with the kids' parents (Marisa Tomei and Tom Everett Scott). Many PG-rated high jinks ensue.

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