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Monday, Dec. 31, 2012

An Open & Shut Case for Jan. 3, 2013

Local Restaurant Notes

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Maria Kovacs owned Fat Jack’s Wings & Things at 353 U.S. 17 Business N. in Surfside Beach for almost 20 years, and starting today (Jan. 3) new owners will be slinging the wings. Robert “Junior” Kemp and Debby Kolar say they’re keeping everything about Fat Jack’s the same: the wing recipes, the German beer and even the hand-painted ceiling tiles. Fat Jack’s opened in North Myrtle Beach in the early 1970s. It was sold and reopened off Lake Arrowhead Road in Myrtle Beach, and then moved again near the back gate of the former U.S. Air Force Base. Eighteen years ago, following the closure of the air base, Fat Jack’s moved to its present location at 353 US. 17 N. in Surfside Beach, and that’s when Kovacs became the owner. The number at Fat Jack’s is 238-3355, and it’s open for dinner Mondays through Saturdays.

Any day now Brooklyn native and longtime Italian chef, Lou Giaconne, is opening Bella, a new Italian restaurant at the Litchfield Exchange, in the former site of Pastaria 811. Giaconne says he has owned four restaurants during the previous 25 years: two in Florida and two in Texas. After finding his childhood sweetheart on Facebook and rekindling their romance the chef and his bride, Maxine Giaconne, will offer thin crust and square Sicilian pizzas and many popular Italian entrees. They have applied for a permit to sell beer and wine, but in the meantime customers will be welcome to BYOB. Bella will be open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5-9 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays, and at lunchtime a pizza and salad buffet will be $7. The number is 979-0847.

After 20 years serving seafood at Seafare and Carolina Fish Fry, Sam Karos is going to serve the food of his native Athens at Fat Greek’s Tavern. It will be across from Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach, in the former Carolina Fish Fry at 4515 U.S. 17 S. Aiming for an opening after the holidays, the menu will include Kabobs, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Gyros and much more. The ambiance will be somewhere between fast food and nice/casual, and there will be a drive-through window.

Dirty Don’s Oyster Bar & Grill is opening its third Grand Strand location at 2051 Bridgeview Ct. in North Myrtle Beach, in the former location of Docksider’s Grille. The other two Dirty Don’s are at 904 N. Ocean Blvd. and 408 21st Ave. N., both in Myrtle Beach.

Divine Prime, owned by the Divine Dining Group, at 1160 Farrow Parkway in Myrtle Beach, has changed its name to DP Wine & Tapas Bar and has a new menu. A few dishes include tapas and small plates for $5-$15 including Pork Belly, Edamame, Shrimp Salad Deviled Eggs, Prime Beef Truffle Slider, Crab and Lobster Cake and Beef Carpaccio. Steaks and chops are $21-$40, and “signature entrees” such as Applewood Filet Mignon, Poulet Rouge and Lemon Sole Provencal are $22-$38. Salads and side dishes are a la carte for $5-$18. DP Wine & Tapas Bar also has a half-price menu from 4-7 p.m. daily in the bar area for tapas, martinis and wines by the glass. The number is 839-9790.

Rich Bryan has been the chef at Snooky’s Casual Waterfront Dining for three years, and now he has purchased the restaurant at 4495 Baker St. from Jason Sobota and Tarrah Sobota. The restaurant is closed while Bryan gets ready for a Feb. 1 reopening, and he says there’ll be a new menu in late spring.

In December, Spuds Waterfront Dining at Crazy Sister Marina in Murrells Inlet closed for the season, and a staff member confirmed a new leaseholder is taking over for an expected February reopening. Previously the operator was Seth Williams.

Pizza Romana at 701 S. Kings Highway is closed, and while a statement made Dec. 17 on the restaurant’s Facebook page says it is a seasonal closure “for December and January,” the furniture has been removed and the dining room is empty.

Gauchao’s Brazilian Steakhouse at 2602 N. Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach has closed, and its sign says it is moving to a new location.

Becky Billingsley serves fresh daily helpings of restaurant news at
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