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Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013

Hot Pour

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BARTENDER | Krystyna Bellows, 37

WHERE | Drifters Saloon

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    Margarita (tequila, sour mix, triple sec)

QUESTION | What are three good uses for an old T-shirt?

ANSWER |You can make a dog shirt out of it… dusting rags… and clean the car.

Do you have a dog? I do. She’s a Jack Russell. Her name is Honey.

How many homemade shirts does Honey have? Several. Five or six.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2013? Go to Vegas.

How long do you plan on staying? Three to five days.

You might also need 3-5 days to recover… can you get that much time off work? I don’t know.

What didn’t you accomplish last year? I tried to give up drinking…. that didn’t work.

What has been your favorite year ever? The year I moved down here. That was in 2003. It was phenomenal. Best year ever.

Where did you move here from? Maryland, and I’m from Texas.

What is your favorite thing about living here? The beach, and 75 degrees in January.

Would you rather relive 2003 every year or take life as it comes, good or bad? Take it as it comes.

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

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