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Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013


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We sampled some advertising industry professionals along with Surge’s extended family of staffers and freelance contributors to find out what their all-time favorite Super Bowl commercials are and here are the results.

Bonnie Drewniany; Professor, University of South Carolina.

Coca-Cola: “Mean Joe Greene” (1979)

This 1979 commercial from McCann-Erickson shows a softer side to the notorious Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle “Mean Joe” Greene. A little boy convinces a wounded and grumpy Greene to take a bottle of Coke as a gift of appreciation, and Greene responds in kind by tossing the boy his game-worn jersey.

Scott Brandon; President, The Brandon Agency

Volkswagen: “The Force” (2011)

Deutsch, USA captures the true spirit of childhood as a little Darth Vader walks around his house trying to use the Force to move everything from a baby doll to his dog. He’s stunned when he’s able to turn on the family car, with just a little help from dad. This ad set the standard for Super Bowl ads “going viral.”

Paul Venables; Co-Founder & Creative Director, Venables, Bell & Partners

Nike: “Y2K Jogger” (2000)

A jogger takes off on a run around the neighborhood on Jan. 1, 2000, as the world falls apart around him. Even with cruise missiles flying overhead, giraffes on the loose, and the city immersed in riots, the only thing that can shake his attention is greeting another jogger as he runs by.

Kent Kimes; Editor, Weekly Surge

Electronic Data Systems: “Cat Herders” (2000)

Agency Fallon McElligot substitutes cats for cattle in this spot for EDS, and shows gruff cowboys getting their precious herd of cats through rivers, across prairies, and out of trees. Basically, EDS is telling us that running your eBusiness is like herding cats.

Andrew Davis; Contributor, Weekly Surge

Audi: “Release the Hounds” (2011)

A dastardly duo tries to escape the confines of a luxury prison using a stuffed dodo and a little parkour, all while avoiding the obstacles used by guards to keep them where they belong.

Eric "Big E" Rutherford; Columnist, Weekly Surge “Confident You” (2012)

Ever need a little boost of confidence when trying to find the right car? If you’re using, you may just see your second head come out, singing a song that sticks with you like Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” and is nearly as annoying.

Derrick Bracey; Contributor, Weekly Surge

Nissan: “Pigeons” (1997)

If you think birds are plotting against you and your freshly washed car, you’d be right according to this spot by TBWA\Chiat\Day. Fortunately, this Nissan is too agile for the War Pigeons.

Becky Billingsley; Food Writer, Weekly Surge

Snickers: “Betty White” (2010)

Betty White kicks ass. This is a fact. But, without this 2010 Super Bowl ad from BBDO New York, White never would have gotten her chance as a re-emerging super star.

Drew Levy-Neal; Columnist, Weekly Surge

Budweiser: “Born a Donkey” (2004)

Before Occupy Wall Street and the rise of the 99 Percent, we had a donkey fighting the circumstances of his birth to become a part of the Budweiser elite. A little hard work and determination goes a long way as he finally gets his wish.

Jason Propst; Sales Manager, Weekly Surge

Reebok: “Terry Tate: Office Linebacker” (2003)

Terry Tate just wants to remind you about your TPS Reports. Of course, being tackled by this fearsome linebacker is a good way to get your attention. Office motivation has never been so high.

Andrew Davis, for Weekly Surge

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