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Tuesday, Feb. 05, 2013

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Amanda Holland: The Crazy Jewelry Lady

Amanda Holland, 34, was a 5th grade teacher until she underwent an intervention – a fashion intervention, that is.

She attended Mars Hill College in North Carolina on a clogging scholarship. “I danced with a few of the guys from [local clogging group] All That! – those were my college dance partners,” she says, and arrived on the Grand Strand in 2008 by way of Northern Virginia with husband Bobby Holland and two children – Hannah [9], and Grayson [6].

It was the Ripken Experience that brought the family to Myrtle Beach. Husband Bobby Holland is General Manager of the organization. “He got offered the job and came down for an interview. I was like, if there is a Target and a Walmart within driving distance, I’m into it.”

While still in the D.C. area, Holland was invited to what she calls a jewelry show. “I was the teacher in my 20s that was wearing denim jumpers and the socks for each season we were in,” she says. “I had the snowman sweaters with jingle bells on them. I didn’t have any good examples as far as fashion was concerned.”

Not only does she swear this jewelry show was a fashion intervention, but she fell in love with the company, Premier Designs – a direct sales jewelry establishment founded in Dallas in 1985. The company is made up of independent distributors, called jewelers. “I thought, gosh – maybe I could do this and maybe I could stop teaching.” The concept was appealing in large part because Holland was on maternity leave at the time. “I got started, and honestly it’s never something I thought I would grow up to do. I thought it was something I would do for a couple of months or a year until I figured out what else was out there.” But she asserts that each year is bigger and better – and she is now in her tenth year. “It’s freakin’ awesome and I absolutely love it!”

The home party concept is similar to many direct sales companies. “We have jewelry shows – so ladies invite a jeweler over to her house – and the jewelry lady sets up like 300 pieces. The host invites all of her friends – and the jeweler shares fashion tips – talks about ways to wear necklaces or how to look thinner by accessorizing.” She adds that each event is a fun night to talk about how to look great. “As women, we need that – and it’s also an excuse for a girls night out.”

Holland calls herself “Jewelry Lady” Amanda Holland – and her Facebook fan page bears this out: Because of this page, she has been nicknamed The Crazy Jewelry Lady. “I am very frank and honest. It’s just a real place for people to visit. I encourage everyday women and the fan page is a platform for this.”

So what is a typical day like for Holland?

“I work in my pajamas, and I have no bra on until about noon when I can,” she says. If I want to take a nap – you know, I have a great boss lady and she says that’s fine. Then I get my kids – and then maybe I’m getting dressed finally to head out for a show.” She says she usually works perhaps two nights a week.

Holland is also a business coach for other direct sellers, and conducts something called a Facebook show – basically home parties online. “There are teams of consultants that are in hundreds of different direct sales companies. They come to me and ask me to coach them and to get their products on an online party.” We are called the Tag Team [] and we are the Party Peeps because we help people with their Facebook Parties.”

Holland employs an office staff member she calls her GEM, or general executive manager, Jo-Ellen Aiesi, to handle administrative duties.

When not doing shows or coaching, Holland says she is a big fan of shopping. “I’m also a professional napper. I love to eat, and I unfortunately have to diet. If people were to find me anywhere, it would be Target. I have a serious obsession with that place.” She spends quite a bit of time at the Chick-fil-A playground, too.

For date night, the Hollands might be spotted at Carrabba’s or Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse. For family outings, Ultimate California Pizza Game Zone is always an option. “The kids are big fans of MagiQuest and all of the arcades on the beach.”

Have the Hollands put down sufficient roots to call Myrtle Beach home?

“I just put hardwood floors in my house – so, yeah – we’re going to be here for awhile,” she laughs.

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