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Wednesday, Feb. 06, 2013

Pod Picks for Feb. 7, 2013

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This week we recommend new material from a rock ‘n’ roll legacy, a pop mega-star getting back into action and some Celtic punk which you can download (legally, of course) or stream to your iPod, iPad, iPhone or other personal media device.

"Never too Late" by Thenewno2

Dhani Harrison isn’t just the spitting image of his father, George Harrison (yes, the quiet Beatle). He also inherited the ability to make his music both mystic and epic at the same time. This is his band he jams with when he’s not harmonizing with Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur in Fistful of Mercy. Harrison recently scored the supernatural romance, “Beautiful Creatures,” and he chose to record the music for the film in Abbey Road Studios. It’s fitting – this is the biggest music he’s made. He brought in a 54-piece orchestra and traded lines with Duke Spirit’s singer, Leila Moss. Dhani Harrison may never have a musical career the size of his father’s but he seems to find solace in taking excursions along the path that’s already been laid.

"Rose Tattoo" by Dropkick Murphys

The cornerstone of any good punk rock song is the mandolin, right? DKM flies the state flag of Massachusetts with pride and this single from the Celtic collective’s recent album, “Signed and Sealed in Blood,” sounds like a traditional Irish drinking song. (Aren’t they all?). The lyrics are shout-alongs and there’s enough edge to let you know that it’s DKM. For 15 years and eight albums these guys have become the standard-bearers of Celtic-punk-rock, and they don’t waver here.

"Suit & Tie" by Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z

J.T., you are such a liar. What happened to, “I’m just going to focus on making movies for awhile?” It’s only been half-a-decade since he brought “SexyBack.” And now he’s bragging about how good he looks in a suit and we want to hate him. But we can’t, because we love the way he lies. The music shuffles and slides all over the R&B spectrum – smooth as ice on glass one minute, funky as a trashcan on stank alley the next. He even invites Jay-Z to hit a stop-start rhyme on a swelling beat. Yes, when it comes to making innovative, catchy pop songs, J.T. is a badass.

Derrick Bracey, for Weekly Surge

Derrick Bracey, for Weekly Surge

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