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Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013

Gotta Have It for Feb. 21, 2013

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Once again it’s time for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to take center stage as the 85th Annual Academy Awards take place Sunday (7 p.m. on ABC-WPDE). As Hollywood’s elite walk the red carpet in what’s considered the biggest night in showbiz, the celebrities strutting their talents and designer evening wear aren’t the only ones that can enjoy the excitement and fun of the occasion.

For an evening of memorable moments and excitement at home, gather friends and family and host an Oscar’s viewing party. To do it right, you will need to not only set the scene, but keep the action going while wining and dining your guests in true Hollywood style.

Set the Stage

Once you’ve finalized a guest list, the next crucial step is to set the stage for an evening of glamour and glitz by creating a space that is reminiscent of Hollywood. Invite guests to wear their very best and proffer a red carpet for them to make their entrance on by rolling out the 40-foot Red Carpet Runner ($24.99, One Stop Party Shop).

Add to the fun by adding a backdrop and a faux photo shoot as they walk the red carpet to the party. Opt for the Hollywood Sign Scene Setter ($5.99, One Stop Party Shop) to create an iconic background and hang the large Hollywood sign letters on the wall to create an ideal photo shoot space.

Or, for a humorous addition, try the Hollywood Photo Door Banner ($10.49, One Stop Party Shop). Guests can place their face in cutouts of Hollywood starlets’ caricatures on the red carpet clutching their coveted awards, thanks to this banner that easily hangs in any doorway.

Start the photo shoot in style with the Lights, Camera, Action! Director’s Clapboard ($3.99, One Stop Party Shop), perfect for directing the action.

Add Some Props

After creating a grand entrance for guests to welcome them to the party, add to the set with tabletop props and a menu filled with tasty hors dourves, cocktails, and Oscar-themed glitz.

For a chic look, set a buffet for guests to enjoy and implement a gold and black color scheme with your best stemware and dishes to mark the occasion. Complement the tabletop with the Hollywood Movie Centerpiece ($7.99, One Stop Party Shop) for a cheap and chic way to convey the theme. The cut-out director’s clapboard and movie reels will add flair, especially when mixed with a variety of deluxe finger foods and snacks.

Accent the centerpiece with Gold Foil Star Place Cards ($2.49, One Stop Party Shop) to label dishes, the Director’s Cut Beverage Napkins ($4.49, One Stop Party Shop) which feature a director’s clapboard for added panache, and finish the theme by serving gourmet popcorn in iconic popcorn containers such as the Lights, Camera, Action! Large Popcorn Boxes ($4.99, One Stop Party Shop).

Lights, Camera, Action!

To keep the evening’s plot and conversation at a good pace throughout the awards broadcast, encourage your guests to participate in a few games.

Go online at, the official Web site for the Academy Awards, for inspiration and ideas. The site not only shares yummy recipes and cocktail ideas for viewing parties, but also offers free printable Oscar Ballots to predict and keep track of winners, as well as Oscar Bingo to play throughout the show.

Or, opt for a livelier option such as the Guess the Hollywood Star Party Game ($4.99, One Stop Party Shop). Partygoers are pinned by the host with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star on their back that bears a famous performer’s name. They then have to guess which celebrity they unknowingly have been tabbed depending on hints, questions, and movie quotes given to them by other party players.

Award your guests with their own statue to take home as a parting gift. The Hollywood Star Award ($6.99, One Stop Party Shop) is a great favor to mark the occasion, styled as a gold starburst on a black base. Give it out for categories like Best Dressed, Most Dramatic Entrance, and Best Game Performer.

These items can be found locally at One Stop Party Shop, 1103 Seaboard Street, Myrtle Beach. For more information, call 839-0052.
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