Hot Pour for Feb. 28, 2013

February 26, 2013 

  • More information SIGNATURE DRINK | Jolly Rancher (Apple Pucker, vodka, grenadine and Blue Curacao)

BARTENDER | Brooke McCulloch, 24

WHERE | Murphy's Law Surfside

QUESTION | Are you a sports fan?

ANSWER | I am... Duke Blue Devils and Indianapolis Colts.

How'd you become fans of those teams?

I was born a Duke fan and I started watching the Colts when I was 12 or 13. My grandpa likes the Colts so I like the Colts. They have really hot players, too, so that doesn't hurt.

Who would you say is the hottest athlete?

I'm going to go old school... I like J.J. Redick (of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks). It doesn't hurt that I got to go to dinner with him for my 16th birthday. My mom used to work with his dad.

Any goodnight kiss after dinner?

No, I was way too young. But I did have the time of my life that day.

What do you do besides work here?

I work out at Planet Fitness and go tanning.

Do you tan through the summer or get the real deal from the sun?

I go outside during the summer.

Pool, beach or backyard?

Pool. Definitely a pool girl.

So why don't you like the beach?

Too sandy. Once you get oil on, getting in the sand doesn't work out.

How many guys a week ask if they can assist you in putting on oil?

I have no idea. Maybe one a week.

Guys’ chest hair - flaunt it or wax it?

Wax it.

Would you rather be lathered in oil by an unattractive old man or have to put sunscreen on a large hairy back?

The ugly old man. I'm not going to touch a hairy person.

Anything you want Surge readers to know about you?

I am completely single... and interested in men. A tall man with dark hair (on head) and tattoos are sexy.

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

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