From the editor’s desk for March 7, 2013

March 6, 2013 

What’s in a name?

The first order of business is to let you know about changes to our Web site, which you may be aware of since you’re reading this online.

The second order of business is to detail an aspect of this week’s cover story, a tribute, no, wait a Q-and-A, with Jack Black and Kyle Gass of mock rock act Tenacious D.

OK, back to the first order…

Our site is now hosted-produced via a new platform and it’s part of a makeover/transition throughout Surge’s corporate ownership group, The McClatchy Co.

The hope is our site will be easier to use, surf and interact with – and I’ve been told we’ll be able to incorporate some cooler bells and whistles down the line such as local live video streams – really, the potential is somewhat unlimited.

And most importantly, the content is updated and changed on a continual basis, and we’re also now including national wire stories related to entertainment, so you have plenty of reasons to check back in with us throughout the day, every day. Although the URL says “weekly” it’s just a name – as we adhere to a “digital first” mantra and all of our original content appears online before it appears each Thursday in print – so if you can’t wait for your News of the Weird, Gut Reaction, Beerman, Ridin’ with Big E, A Gay in the Life, Music Notes, Recliner Reviews and Working 4 a Living fixes, be sure to check our site Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays when these features are updated.

According to our publisher, “The best browsers for the new site are Firefox 3.6 or higher, Chrome, Safari 4 or higher and Internet Explorer 8 or higher.”

Also, a feature on the new site that I’m jazzed about is the search function located near the upper right-hand corner of the home page. Now you don’t have to call me looking for archived articles – not that I mind your calls (as long as they’re not when I’m on deadline).

In addition, you have the ability to comment at the bottom of articles, but you must login via Disqus, which also allows you to log in with your already established Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. So chat away my friends.

And speaking of social media - if you haven’t already, please “like” our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter at WeeklySurge@TheWeeklySurge.

I caution you to bear with us as we work out the kinks, because the site is a work-in-progress and because I’m basically the de facto Web master and I’m still learning the ropes.

But by all means, if you have any feedback about the new look and/or content, please send me a note to:


And here’s my second order of business: Surge contributor Paul Grimshaw already had his interview with Tenacious D in the can before the mock-rock duo went on “Chelsea Lately” to take a dig at our little slice of paradise - so he couldn’t ask Black and Gass about the apparent dis, but it is still addressed in this week’s cover story, which you can check out on our homepage.


And there’s a third order of business…this one snuck up on me so it wasn’t included in this week’s On the Fly report.

The next South by Southeast Music Feast is slated for Saturday at the historic Myrtle Beach Train Depot featuring the bluegrass-influenced jamming of The Mosier Brothers Trio, which includes former Blueground Undergrass member Jeff Mosier on banjo. According SXSE’s press release, “We've been hoping to get them for a while now and are looking forward to an exciting evening of music and fun.”

If you’d never been to a SXSE Music Feast, the fun alluded to includes a pot luck supper and free-flowing locally-brewed New South beer which is part of your admission price. And speaking of admission, you can get tickets online before Saturday for $20 ( or at the door for $25. Doors open at 6 p.m. Saturday, food service starts at 6:30 and the show gets going at approximately 7:30. The Myrtle Beach Train Depot is at 851 Broadway, Myrtle Beach. For more information, go to

Kent Kimes, Editor

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