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Weekly Surge - Goofing Off

Monday, Mar. 18, 2013

Gotta Have It for March 21, 2013

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Spring fashion is blossoming with funky, bright styles for men and women this season, who are stepping out in head to toe bold prints and vibrant hues accented with preppy accessories that make a statement.

While you don’t have to completely overhaul your closet to look stylish this spring, investing in a few key trends can do the trick to help you be fashion forward throughout the season.


Play Dress Up

While spring fashion offers women a colorful array of fun, flirty dressing options - patterned slim pants, statement necklaces - choosing which styles to suit you can be daunting. For an easygoing style, opt for a colorful dress in a playful pattern. Florals in vibrant hues, geometric patterns, and color blocking allow dresses to go from work to weekend.

Energize your wardrobe and try on the CYNTHIA Cynthia Rowley Surplice Hi-Lo Dress in Pink Flora ($119, Belk). The A-line cut of the dress and hi-lo hemline elegantly show off the bright floral and lattice pattern in pink, white, and purple. To wear it to work, add a neutral blazer and kitten heels, or for evening, add a dazzling pair of dangling earrings and sky-high heels.

Or, opt for the Calvin Klein Scoop Neck Dress in Key Lime/Belini Multi/Floral Shadows ($99.50, Belk). With 3-4 length sleeves and scoop neckline in a contrasting print, the colorful print of the dress blooms with style with this figure-skimming dress, which is perfect for date night or work when paired with simple black heels.

Jazz It Up With a Jacket

Pull on a blazer, moto, cardigan or trench this season for optimal style. While not only keeping those lingering cool temperatures at bay, the jacket is also the hottest way to accent an outfit for spring.

For the chicest approach, shop for a blazer in bright colors and prints, such as the CYNTHIA Cynthia Rowley Notch Collar Blazer in Atlas Ivory ($149, Belk). The sleek, form fitting cut of this blazer bursts with style thanks to its bright blue, red, purple and coral floral pattern; for a chic approach, accent it with a pair of electric blue skinny jeans.

Or, if you’d rather add a little edge to your wardrobe, the moto jacket is the trend to try. The Calvin Klein Moto Jacket in Parfait ($159.50, Belk) features an asymmetrical front zipper opening in cream faux leather. Wear it to work with neutral basics or pull it on with a colorful dress for an evening out.

Trendy Totes

To accessorize, a chic carryall is all you need to update your wardrobe for spring. The tote’s classic shape takes on a fashion forward spin thanks to contrasting colors and blocking.

Pick up the Kate Spade Mondrain Bon Shopper ($148, Belk), perfect for work or the weekend. The coated poplin shines in blocks of vibrant blue, subtle pink, mint green, and brown and white stripes trimmed in black patent leather.

If you prefer a more neutral approach, invest in the Coach Poppy Leather Colorblock Perri Hippie Tote in Brass/Cappuccino/Oyster ($348, Belk) instead. This neutral tan and grey tote trimmed in a vibrant yellow will pair well with any color palette.


Go Striping

For spring, menswear is taking a classical but colorful approach to dressing. Preppy-styled layers and accessories mix with contrasting colors, vibrant hues and patterns to create head-to-toe looks that are eye catching.

Push your dull white oxfords and monochromatic polo shirts to the back of the closet this season and opt for some color instead. For a tailored approach, the mint green and white stripes of the Polo Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Cotton Twill Stripe Sport Shirt in Green/White ($89.50, Belk) will look polished at work or on the weekend. Pair this slim cut shirt with a neutral tan suit or khakis for the office, or dress it down with jeans and a contrasting colored belt for the weekend.

Or, for a real boost of color, add the Lacoste Jersey Stripe Polo in Tannic Purple Multi ($98, Belk) to your wardrobe. The pique cotton of this polo shirt is perfectly accented by the pattern bright pink and purple stripes in varying widths. Pair it with jeans or plaid golf shorts that highlight its hues.

A Novelty Approach to Shorts

Instead of wearing the same old pair of khaki shorts, approach the season with bright colors in mind with shorts in vibrant shades and patterns.

Hit the golf course in style, and step into the Lacoste Core Flat Front Bermuda Short in Colorado Orange ($78, Belk). The bright hue of orange adds a punch of style to this flat front, Bermuda cut shorts that are designed to hang just above the knee.

Or, for a funky approach, opt for the Izod Schiffli Lobster Short in Goldfinch ($64, Belk). The bright yellow is contrasted with a pattern of embroidered lobsters. Pair them with an equally bright plaid polo or keep it subtle and wear them with flip-flops and a classic navy button down.

Prep Your Step

For men, preppy accessories are a must for spring. Sleek leather briefcases and messenger bags, checkered ties, and watches are a few ways to add a classic touch to your wardrobe. However, for an easy approach, opt for a pair of preppy kicks instead.

As an alternative to your usual pair of sneakers, step into the Sperry Top-Sider Billfish Ultralite 3 Eye Boat Shoe in Brown/Blue ($100, Belk) instead. This brown leather tie front loafer will add spring to your step thanks to its electric blue trim and laces, perfect for laid-back weekend dressing.

Or, for work, dress up a neutral suit with a pair of Perry Ellis Saddle Oxfords in Brown ($70, Belk). The bright orange soles and laces perfectly accents this two-tone brown and beige saddle oxford design.

These styles can be found locally at Belk, 1400 Coastal Grand Circle, Myrtle Beach. For more information, call 448-1516, or visit
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