Hot Pour for April 4, 2013

April 2, 2013 

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    SIGNATURE DRINK | Bomb Pop (secret ingredients)

BARTENDER | Genae Zupancic, 35

WHERE | Z Bar at Revolutions

QUESTION | How did you become such a good bartender?

ANSWER | I've been doing it for almost 15 years. And I have the useless talent where I can remember a bunch of drinks - literally more than 200 drinks - without looking them up.

How many drinks can you swing at once?

However many it takes for you to go home with me.

What do you do outside of bartending?

I am a partner in Warfare MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

So do you MMA fight?

No, but my drinks will knock you on your ass.

What's the craziest thing you've seen at an MMA fight?

In the crowd or in the ring?


I've seen men get naked wearing a dragon at a weigh in... I've seen fighters wear hot pink boy sports... And out of the ring I've seen grown men take off their shirt, jump at the cage and scream for the person they're rooting for.

What famous person would you want to roll around with in a ring?

Brad Pitt...No question.

If you were forced to get a tattoo across your forehead, what would it say?

It would say "Don't F with me" with a smiley face.

If people do fuck with you, do you throw them in the MMA ring?

I teach them how the turkey crossed the road.

How did the turkey cross the road?

With help from their for asshole friends. It's a warm shot with Jim, Jack, Johnny and Jose, and a floater of Turkey.

Would you rather get your eyelids pierced our tattooed?

Neither. I'm to wimpy for that.

What's the most physically painful thing you've ever had happen to you?

Child birth.

If you were to donate your body to science, which part of it do you think they'd be most interested in?

I'd have to say the girls.

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

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