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For Weekly SurgeApril 8, 2013 

Lazarus wins run-off

In my last column, I encouraged everyone to get out and “Rock the Vote” at the March 26 runoff election for the open Horry County Council Chairman seat vacated by anti-biker and Take Back May front man Tom Rice, who left for Congress.

The results are in and despite my own occasional, temporary delusions of grandeur, my column was obviously not quite persuasive or important enough to sway the results. Mark Lazarus won the run-off. His opponent, in a phone interview I did with Al Allen – a rider himself – was quick to defend motorcyclists as legitimate tourists with the same right to come to the beach as anyone else, but Lazarus never returned my requests to share his stance on our motorcycle rallies.

In the end, anyone, except for maybe Myrtle Beach Mayor and Biker Enemy No. 1 John Rhodes, will be better for those of us who ride motorcycles than Tom Rice; and, Allen is still on the County Council as a member representing Aynor’s District 11.

Easter bunny sighting

My wife Sissy and I had every intention of hooking up with the 23rd annual Bunny Run hosted by Dick Martin Custom Cycles & Danny Lee’s Place in Socastee this past Easter Sunday.

We’ve never made the ride because it is scheduled, ironically enough, during church where we spend our Sunday mornings. In fairness to Martin and Lee, they don’t actually use the word “Easter” anywhere so I have never really considered it an issue other than the fact that we couldn’t make it at the scheduled time. It’s my belief that (cover your kids’ ears – spoiler alert!) bunnies have nothing to do with celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

Now, I’m not so pious that we didn’t have Easter baskets in our house, so don’t take this the wrong way. I’d love to see everyone in church on Sunday mornings, but in my own befuddled way, I think I am actually trying to endorse the Bunny Run. As a Christian, I appreciate them leaving off the word “Easter”; and, as a patriotic, freedom-loving American I support Dickie Martin’s right to put on a bunny suit and ride his motorcycle any time he wants to.

Our plan was to attend church, join some friends for lunch, and then to catch up with the ride after-party in time to see how the ride was and talk to enough people to report back to you how things went. Unfortunately, the effects of good company and a belly full of great food made it impossible to push away from the table.

We did, however, cruise by Suck Bang Blow Original and the little Beaver Bar on the way home looking for signs of the ride (the stops are always kept secret) and did spot an unusually large, white bunny with an unusually large, biker moustache. He was not alone, so I trust the ride went well.

A kinder, gentler Surfside Beach

The town of Surfside Beach, which once followed the City of Myrtle Beach’s lead in dissuading motorcycle tourism during the spring rally by imposing a two-year moratorium on vendors during the month of May, is promoting free motorcycle trailer parking during the upcoming May Harley-Davidson and Atlantic Beach Bikefest rally dates.

According to a public notice dated March 28 issued by the town, free motorcycle trailer parking will be allowed in the town’s public parking lots on both 13th Avenue South and 16th Avenue North from May 10-19 and again from May 24-27. Security will not be provided so think twice about leaving anything valuable inside and be sure to lock up your trailer.

On a side note, speaking of motorcycle trailers and security: I’ll never forget the great job Myrtle Beach Resort’s security staff did when my dad brought his bike and trailer down. They had a portable trailer dolly that they used to help each person maneuver their trailer nose first against the curb, allowing access to the rear ramp. They also issued every rider, trailer and motorcycle matching numbered wristbands that were compared whenever you left the property. The bands on the bikes in the trailers had to match the band on the trailer it came in with and both had to match the person leaving with them.

Rebutting ABATE’s rebuttal

Hopefully my readers saw Horry County ABATE’s recent rebuttal in Weekly Surge’s “Say What” section in response to my unfavorable recap (in the Jan. 24 edition of Weekly Surge) of their Christmas Toy Run. I had no problem with their retort, except I think they misunderstood that my only responsibility is to bring you a fair and honest analysis of my experience on the ride.

It is not to reach out to their officers or start attending meetings (as they suggested) to fix whatever may be broken in my humble opinion; but, I’m glad they had their say. As I expressed to their assistant coordinator by email, I have always supported the ride and appreciated the efforts ABATE makes to protect our rights.

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