Horoscope: Lipstick Mystic Love Forecast for April 11, 2013

April 8, 2013 

Aries: March 21-April 19

The moon in your sign is increasing your desire to take a risk. You'll ask that gorgeous guy or girl out, even though you know that he or she is out of your league. Or you'll make a bold proposal to your longtime love.

Taurus: April 20-May 20

As a stubborn Earth sign, it's your way or the highway. This attitude doesn't serve you well in relationships. Saturn is making it clear that you're right and your honey is wrong. But what if it's really the other way around?

Gemini: May 21-June 21

It's hard for you to stay focused sometimes since you're a frenetic Air sign. But Jupiter is reminding you to concentrate on things like education and improving your financial situation. Ask a friend or lover to be your sounding board.

Cancer: June 22-July 22

Mercury is inspiring you to be truthful. You might make a sexual confession to someone, even though you risk rejection. Or you could decide to write a letter to a former flame and offer forgiveness and kindness. Go for it.

Leo: July 23-Aug. 22

A bouncy sun is making you more of a showoff than ever. You'll want everybody to worship you and acknowledge your godlike qualities. You'll want your partner to fawn all over you and say that you're the best lover ever. That might work - or it might not.

Virgo: Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You might need to set some boundaries in a relationship. Maybe you can't stand your honey's family, so you don't want to waste time with them. Or perhaps you don't feel like you should be babysitting your lover's kids. Mercury is telling you to be honest.

Libra: Sept. 23-Oct. 23

With the moon opposite your sign, you could have troubles reading somebody's true intentions. You might think that person you're dating is “the one” when he or she is really “the one” for about six other people, too.

Scorpio: Oct. 24-Nov. 2

You could be getting more emotionally intimate with someone, which is always scary for you. You have a deep distrust of letting down your guard too much with people. But the moon says it's OK to be open with this special person.

Sagittarius: Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A love relationship could be taking on greater passion and intensity. Maybe you've been seeing someone on and off again, but you've suddenly reconnected with that person in a great way. Mars is telling you to continue exploring.

Capricorn: Dec. 22-Jan.19

Money is on your mind. If you don't feel good about your career or your cash flow, this could be affecting your relationship. Earth signs never feel that they can be truly committed to someone if their own financial situation is unstable. The moon says be honest about this.

Aquarius: Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This is a weird week for you. Jupiter is pulling you in multiple directions. You might feel a fondness for somebody, but you're not sure if you should just be friends or become lovers. Meanwhile, strange stuff is going on in other parts of your life.

Pisces: Feb. 19-March 20

You'll want to travel, hit a concert, or visit a pretty setting like a national park. Mercury is creating some wanderlust. Get out of the house, get off the computer, and see something of the world. Bring your honey along with you for extra fun

Jennifer Shepherd, the Lipstick Mystic, is an astrologer and syndicated columnist with more than 2 million readers. Read more mystic articles at www.lipstickmystic.com.

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