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April 10, 2013 

Suiting up for summer

I’m just back from furcation (that’s vacation spent while on furlough) from the state that knows how to welcome tourists with open arms – so you know we didn’t spend Spring Break in South Carolina.

And we stayed at a resort with a huge pool and I packed my swimsuit – but I didn’t get it out of the suitcase until I got home.

You see, we were in the Land of Mouse-ears, and my wife booked and planned our theme park visits so tightly that if I wanted to take a dip, it’d have to be at the crack of dawn (not happening) or after sundown (also, not a great proposition as the evenings tended to be fairly cool.)

So, I’ve yet to don a swimsuit in 2013. I didn’t participate in any of the local Polar Bear challenges and I haven’t broken into any ocean-front resort’s heated indoor pools (this year, I mean.)

But I’ve got a relatively new suit – a nice Hawaiian-like floral print of brown and blue that I think I picked up at Kohl’s – so I’m probably not in the market for a replacement or a Plan B – because I do have a couple of alternates. Although one of the alternates is a little bit on the Days Inn side of things – i.e. no ballroom.

I feel fairly confident I’m set on the swim trunks front when our community pool opens soon and the weather stays consistently warm long enough for that big ol’ pool known as the Atlantic Ocean heats up.

Still…I haven’t tried on said primary bathing suit since probably October – so I’m going on faith that it still fits, or that it doesn’t have holes in it, or that the color hasn’t faded too much.

If my wife decides I need a new one – as she recently outfitted me with a week’s worth of new Bermuda shorts, polo shirts and some sweet Nikes prior to our spring break jaunt to the Sunshine State – then I’m all for it and won’t say no. With prime pool and beach season approaching, you really do need more than one suit – even guys – so you don’t wind up getting the dreaded crotch rot from wearing some wet board shorts for too long. Plus, if you’re trying to impress, you don’t wanna wear the same thing every time you go out in public, do you?

And ladies, we know it’s a little bit more difficult for you because the options are seemingly unending and you don’t want to look like a beached whale by choosing the wrong style of suit that doesn’t compliment your body shape.

Who made me the swimsuit fashion expert?

Well, nobody.

But I don’t have to be, because we have local scribe Rebecca Robertson, who helms our monthly fashion/shopping-centric feature Gotta Have It, at our disposal and she’s got the knowledge and the know-how.

With our longer-than-usual cold snaps lingering, maybe you haven’t yet ponied up for a new swimsuit because your beach-going days haven’t begun in earnest – and maybe you’re in need of some guidance on what’s hot and what’s not.

That’s where our resident fashionista comes into play – we drafted Robertson to craft an expanded version of Gotta Have It, taking a look at swimwear styles and trends for Summer 2013 that you can get your hands on right here along the Grand Strand, and her report is this week’s cover story.

We’re not usually known for being fashion-forward here in our little seaside paradise, but Robertson reports that finding the hot swimwear trends of 2013 was fairly easy, and you won’t have to hop in the car and head to Charleston, Columbia, Atlanta or Charlotte to be in step this season.

Says Robertson, “Case in point, Evita (Swimwear Boutique in Myrtle Beach) carries Lili Fuma suits, they were one to show at the swim fashion week (in Miami), and the department stores had a surprisingly large and wide variety of designer names like Betsy Johnson, Nautica, and Calvin Klein (and many more) on their racks.”

So, before you head out on the swimwear hunt, check out our guide so you’ll have an idea of what you’re looking for, saving yourself some time and hassles of driving all over town.

Kent Kimes, Editor

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