Zac Brown's brew headed to Myrtle Beach

For Weekly SurgeMay 13, 2013 

If you’re a fan of the Zac Brown Band, you’ll want to pick up some Landshark Lager this summer.

Just last week, Landshark started distributing the first of three limited-edition 16-ounce cans featuring the Grammy-award winning Zac Brown Band.

Two more special 16-ouncers will be released during this summer.

As a new way to stay connected with its fans, the Zac Brown Band has done probably the coolest thing next to having an animated music video created by Mike Judge, the maniac behind “Beavis and Butthead” and “King of the Hill.” (Judge directed the group’s video for “The Wind,” which was released last year.)

The coolest way to connect with fans aside from having Judge direct your video? There’s an app for that. If you have the Blippar app on your smarter-than-you phone, you can “blip” the can to access additional interactive Zac Brown Band content.

Apparently, “blipping” would be like taking a snapshot of it. The Blippar app will recognize the can, and new Zac Brown Band stuff will pop up on your screen.

Meanwhile, you can see the first can at .

Craft-beer Ballast

While we’re talking about summer, local distributer Better Brands will have Ballast Point Sculpin IPA available throughout the hot months.

Ballast Point Brewing Co. is located in San Diego, and it’s got something big with Sculpin IPA. This India Pale Ale has secured a 100 rating – a perfect score – from the Alström Brothers, the guys behind BeerAdvocate magazine and .

I’ll be trying this one as soon as I see it. Meanwhile, for a limited time, Ballast Point Victory at Sea Imperial Porter (another 100 rating) and Ballast Point Dorado Double IPA (a 99 rating) will also be available in the Myrtle Beach area, most likely at your favorite craft-beer watering holes.

No soy for me

Weekly Surge readers know me fairly well by now – I’ve never had a vodka I didn’t like.

Until earlier this week: Now I’ve most certainly discovered a vodka I don’t like.

The advantage of 3 Vodka is its source: mostly soy, along with some other unspecified grains.

This vodka had an undeniable earthy flavor on the front end, and not a good one. I thought of the smell of potatoes, right when they start to go bad.

It might be called 3 Vodka because this booze requires at least three mixers to cover its flavor.

First, I poured in the Schweppes tonic water. I could still taste the unpleasant unearthliness.

Next, I cut a Susie lime in half and squeezed the juice into my glass. This made it more tolerable, but not quite enjoyable.

I squeezed the half of lime harder and longer, and then my soy-vodka-tonic-and-lime-juice was just a little better. But the soy seemed to be keeping the lime from its best flavor.

Finally, I went for the Stirrings Ginger liqueur. Now that I held an altered Moscow Mule cocktail, I could stand the vodka.

Somehow, most vodkas aren’t as distinct in their flavors. Blindfold me and I’m pretty sure I could distinguish Firefly, Ketel One, and Tito’s from each other. Recently, I tried Spud, a potato vodka, and it was comparable to Ketel One, made from wheat, and Tito’s, made from corn.

3 Vodka’s Web site boasts it is the first vodka from distilled soy. It might just be the only, ever.

The Quotable Beer

You might have missed these quotable moments on Twitter recently:

From St. Martin Ale Beer, on Mother’s Day: “Unofficially, [it’s] national ‘Buy Your Mom a Craft Beer Day’.”

From Dos Equis: “It’s only called beer because ‘Liquid Catalyst for Interesting Events’ is too wordy.”

From Total Wine, quoting Jack Handy: “If you ever reach total enlightenment while drinking beer, I bet it makes beer shoot out your nose.”

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