Pod Picks for May 16, 2103

May 14, 2013 

This week we recommend an eclectic grab bag of new sounds you can download (legally, of course) or stream to your iPad, iPod, iPhone or other personal media device.

“Azamane Tiliade” by Bombino

It’s funny who can influence who. Bombino is a Nigerien guitarist who often uses his music to deal with the political concerns of his nomadic Tuareg people. He sings in his native language of Tamashek. But Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys helped produce Bombino’s new album, “Nomad,” and wham! His music has transformed into a blues groove that moves around a pocket like a pool shark looking for quarters. No, you probably can’t understand a word he’s singing, but it’s not about the lyrics, it’s about the feeling. And the feeling feels good.

“Save Rock and Roll” by Fall Out Boy feat. Elton John

Yes, in the past, Fall Out Boy has been tagged with the rock ‘n’ roll diva tag. Maybe rightfully so, but the band is back from hiatus with an album that makes pretty bold statements. The quartet brings in a slew of varied guests such as John, Courtney Love and Big Sean. They mean to tie together Top 40 pop with edgy rock with theatrics. And this track sounds big. John’s piano and vocals merge well and the band sways in a cheese-ball fury of rock ‘n’ roll triumph. And this cheese is delicious.

“Get Away” by De La Soul

Back in 1989, three guys teamed up with the hip-hop legend Prince Paul and created an album titled, “3 Feet High and Rising.” The songs set a high standard for what would be termed as alternative hip-hop. Time marches on, record sales drop and the band releases records for its faithful fans and not much else. But that doesn’t mean the band hasn’t stretched out in different directions while staying with the old-school delivery. That’s what this song does. Inspired by a Wu-Tang song, it issues a sparse mix and deals straight-ahead rhymes. The group has a new album, “You’re Welcome,” coming out this fall. And allegedly, they’re working with Prince Paul again.

Derrick Bracey, for Weekly Surge

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