Getting lucky with Myrtle Beach comedy gigs

June 12, 2013 

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Just got lucky?

My high school baseball coach didn’t believe in luck as being serendipitous. Rather, he used to say that luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

And that’s the direction I’m taking when it comes to this week’s cover story.

We were already knee-deep in and working on our look at the local live comedy landscape when a bolt of lightning landed in our laps.

That’s the way I felt last Thursday when the press release announcing that reclusive comedian Dave Chappelle would be coming to the Grand Strand for a gig at the House of Blues pinged my in-box.

I couldn’t believe my (our) luck.

Even luckier, the last-minute gig by Chappelle would fall within the publication week of our story looking at local laughs.

And that, my friends, is what you call a news peg.

(Chappelle comes a-calling Tuesday, June 18, in case you’ve been living under a piece of driftwood.)

As the person who directs the editorial content and coverage of this fine publication, I love when this type of thing happens. It’s validating.

Makes it look like we are right on top of things. And I could have pretended that the controversial and enigmatic Chappelle’s local appearance was the impetus for this week’s cover spread – but it wasn’t. It’s just the icing on the comedic cake.

But love him or hate him, Chappelle’s show isn’t the only opportunity to get your laugh on this summer.

In fact, we’ve got a full slate of stand-up comedians – some you’ve heard of, some you haven’t - and local funny-peeps offering different types of humor-related shows ready to entertain you and make you forget about your crappy life for awhile.

We’re pretty sure you know about Comedy Cabana, as the long-running club has tickled the Grand Strand’s funny bone for almost two decades from its Restaurant Row base.

But if you haven’t been to Broadway at the Beach lately, it occurred to me recently via some friends’ social media commentary that you might know that a long-time watering hole that used to be populated by journalists of various mediums is now peddling laughter, too. Yep, the old Stool Pigeons pub on the corner of Celebrity Square is now Carolina Comedy Club after an extensive renovation.

And have you ever heard of The Comedy Zone?

And what about the Carolina Improv Company?

And what the hell is Big Laughs Theatre?

What about Ricky Mokel – do you know him?

If you’re blank on answering those questions, don’t worry - that’s what we’re here for – to help illuminate things that may be in the shadows, on the periphery, operating right under your noses.

With wars raging on multiple fronts, unemployment still high, distrust of the government foaming over, and the dog daze of summer soon to hit us in face - perhaps the best antidote is laughter.

And that’s why we’re taking a look at the opportunities to drown your sorrows in chuckles and guffaws by combing the summer’s live comedy calendar and bringing interesting shows and a couple of new venues to light – and you can read correspondent Derrick Bracey’s report starting on our homepage.

Oh, the horo

You may notice that our regular horoscope The Lipstick Mystic is missing this week.

We’re working out the status of this feature – and perhaps replacing it – so let us know if you’d like to see something else, or if an astrology-based column is important to your reading habits. You can e-mail me at

Kent Kimes, Editor

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