Celebrating Independence Day, Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson-style

For Weekly SurgeJuly 1, 2013 

This week we’re celebrating Independence Day so hopefully it finds you and yours on the beach; in front of the grill; or, cruising on your motorcycle. I’ll be celebrating the holiday in Partridge, Ky. in the Appalachian Mountains on a mission trip with a group from my church. Our team will help host a picnic with games, food, rides, and a fireworks show for a coal mining community that has been devastated economically.

They say not to post on Facebook when you are out of town so I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it here, either. Don’t bother trying to rob my house while I am gone, though. We have someone watching the place and taking care of our two big dogs. Oh, and we don’t have any valuables.

Unfortunately, I won’t be winding my way across Black Mountain on my Harley. Worse yet, I won’t be riding at all for awhile. I write this column twice a month, but am employed full-time as an Emergency Medical Technician for a private ambulance company. I hurt my back moving a patient and following a recent MRI, just found out I’m going to have back surgery, which has meant staying off of the bike. The surgery itself takes less than an hour, but the recovery time is going to take 8 to 10 weeks and I may not be allowed to ride for an even longer duration. We’ve also had to cancel plans to go to Delmarva Bike Week in Ocean City, Md. in September.

You can take the boy off his bike, but you can’t take the biker out of the boy though, so fear not. I’m not going to let this keep me from bringing you motorcycle news and event information; and, I am never shy about sharing my opinions. In fact, the down time may let me do a little extra writing and there are a couple of events coming your way that I wanted to share.

On Saturday, (July 6), Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson will celebrate Independence Day at the dealership. The event features free food, musical performance by Lonesome Few, stunt riding performances by Starboyz International Stunt Riders, and a bounce house, balloons, and face painting for kids. The party is from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. The dealership is located at 4710 S. Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach. For more information, call 369-5555.

The next Saturday, July 13, Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson’s sister store, The Harley Shop at the Beach, is hosting its Summer Kickoff Event from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. It includes more stunt riding, this time by Dane Britt Stunt Riders, and music by the Paul Grimshaw Band, fronted by Weekly Surge’s Music Notes columnist and contributor Paul Grimshaw. There will also be free food. The Harley Shop at the Beach is at 4002 U.S. 17 S. in North Myrtle Beach and can be reached by phone at 663-5555. Both of these events follow the recent Harley dealer’s MDA Muscle Run fundraising ride and there will be opportunities to donate to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

At the risk of sounding less than impartial to my fellow Surge scribe, I can recommend making the trip to the north end of the Strand for the latter event just to hear the band, as my wife, Sissy, and me recently did at Island Bar and Grill near Surfside Beach.

That’s it for now. If the doctors do their jobs right you’ll be hearing from me again in a couple of weeks.

For now, have a great holiday; ride safely; (and play with your fireworks safely) and God bless the U.S.A.

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