Frisbeer making its way to Myrtle Beach

For Weekly SurgeJuly 17, 2013 

Frisbeer has been around nationally for a few years, but it’s just now emerging in the Myrtle Beach area as a new sun ‘n’ sand sport with a drinking twist - and maybe next year we can see it on the Salt Games’ docket?

Frisbeer combines Frisbee golf with horseshoes and beer drinking - three summer sports.

Cary Creamer of Myrtle Beach recently showed a group of boaters hanging out on a small beach off Big Bull Creek how to play.

Stick two 2-inch PVC pipes, each about 5-and-a-half feet tall, about a foot down into the sand. Place the two pipes as far apart as you like – 10 feet, 20 feet, it doesn’t really matter - whatever feels comfortable for your Frisbee-throwing proficiency and your drunkenness level.

Set a beer bottle wrapped in duct tape (so it won’t shatter and cut bare feet) on top of each pipe. Or you can use those new Miller Lite or Coors Light cans with screw-off tops, and fill them one-third to one-fourth full of water so they won’t tip off the poles too easily.

You need four people to play, and each team stands behind its pole. All players must each hold a beer bottle, containing beer, in one hand.

The first person throws and tries to make the Frisbee hit the opponents’ beer bottle mounted on the pipe. This is whole point of the game.

If the thrower hits the beer bottle and knocks it off and the bottle hits the ground, and no one on the catching side catches the Frisbeee, the throwing team gets 3 points.

If the thrower hits the pole and the beer bottle is knocked off and hits the ground, an no one catches the Frisbee, the throwing team gets two points.

HOWEVER, if one of the opposing team members catches the beer bottle before it hits the ground and they also catch the thrown Frisbee, the opponents get three points.

If the thrower’s toss is caught, the opponents get one point. If the thrower’s toss is not caught, the throwers get one point.

Some people put a mark on the bottom of the poles, about one foot high, and say that throws that go below that mark don’t count.

The catchers cannot put their hands in front of the pole – no blocking!

After the first thrower’s turn, then the opponents get a turn, then the second person on the first team, and then the second person on the second team goes. Alternate, as if you were playing doubles for nine ball.

Play to 21 points, or whatever you feel like.

These are the rules Cary Creamer plays by, but there’s also an official Frisbeer website with a slightly different scoring system at

Just don’t drop the full beer you’re still drinking – that’s an automatic game loser.

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