Myrtle Beach’s kookiest crimes

For Weekly SurgeJuly 30, 2013 

“This is my house!” And he doesn’t care

Wonder if he was watching SportsCenter?

Everett Junior Parker was arrested on a domestic violence charge stemming from a July 24 incident between him and his girlfriend.

According to Myrtle Beach police, the victim told Parker, her live-in boyfriend, not to stay up all night watching television.

His response? “Shut the fuck up and go back into the room,” according to the police report.

The victim told Parker he doesn’t pay the bills, so he shouldn’t stay up all night watching her television. This is where things got ugly.

Parker allegedly threatened to hit her with a broom if she didn’t go back into the room. According to police, she didn’t, and he made good on his threat.

The victim reportedly was hit in the eye with the broom, and suffered a bad cut that required stitches.

We still don’t know what was so good on television. Perhaps there was a “Duck Dynasty” marathon.

Why all the yelling?

Maybe Isaac Priest should have played more “quiet as a mouse” as a child. In the early-morning hours of July 18, police responded to the 1100 block of Third Avenue South in Myrtle Beach because someone was yelling loudly in a store parking lot.

That man was allegedly Priest, and officers couldn’t get him to go from an 11 to a three. So, he was placed under arrest for public disorderly conduct.

Too bad it didn’t end there for Priest. As he was being placed under arrest, police discovered he had active warrants for weapons charges.

His lawyer has probably since told him to keep quiet as a mouse.

The ultimate game of chicken

This blurb isn’t dedicated to a criminal acting a little loopy, but rather a victim.

Just before midnight on July 22, a man was walking down the 500 block of 29th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach when he was approached by two suspicious-looking individuals.

One of the alleged perps grabbed the victim, while the other showed him a pistol in his waistband.

The incident report doesn’t state it, but we assume these two wanted money. And how does the victim react? By saying the gun looked fake and for the two to go ahead and shoot.

The suspects left, and the victim called police.

So, do we have here a case of a man calling two would-be robbers’ bluff? Or, was it sheer, dumb, blind luck? Discuss.

Blame your home boy

Eric Demond Dickey was arrested July 26 in Myrtle Beach for breaking into a car.

According to police, Dickey was seen reaching into the window of a Ford Explorer parked near the Pan Am Pancake House and unlocking the door. Officers approached him and told him to get out of the vehicle.

The owner of the Explorer was found inside the pancake house and brought outside by police. She told them she didn’t know Dickey and hadn’t given him permission to be in her vehicle.

Police reportedly found in Dickey’s pockets a screwdriver, ear buds and a cigar tube of cologne.

Dickey told police that his “home boy” Brandon sent him down there to get his cologne out of the Explorer.

What kind of world are we living in where we throw our home boys under the bus after we wind up in handcuffs?

A bright idea?

Robert McKeithan had a plan for earning money for food, and it involved light bulbs.

The Myrtle Beach man was arrested on the evening of July 28 after allegedly stealing several light bulbs from the Home Depot on Oak Forest Lane.

According to the Myrtle Beach police report, McKeithan is a known shoplifter who was seen putting the bulbs into a bag and then exiting the store without paying for them.

McKeithan reportedly told police he took the bulbs because he planned to sell them for money.

So, how much would you pay for illegally-obtained light bulbs? Do I hear 75 cents?

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