Myrtle Beach area barkeep gets busy when the sun goes down

July 30, 2013 

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    SIGNATURE DRINK | Sweet Tart (Three Olives Tartz, pineapple juice, Sprite)

BARTENDER | Bonnie Booth, 32

WHERE | Sundown Restaurant & Sports Bar

QUESTION | Where's the best place to watch the sun go down?

Scotty's Beach Bar.

How about catch a sunrise?

Walking on the beach.

What happens here after the sun goes down?

We get busy and we have bands and karaoke.

Do you ever get up there for karaoke and “wow'” your patrons?


What's your song of choice?

The Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock duet “Picture.”

Who was your favorite boy band member?

New Kids on the Block - I think I had a crush on Jonathan.

Are you going to see NKOTB this year while they're on tour?

No. I would feel weird.

Justin Bieber... your thoughts?

Don't like him. I think he's going to turn into another Lindsay Lohan.

What are five essentials you need to go camping?

A blow-up bed, beer, bug spray, tent and food.

With which famous person would you most like to share your tent?

Vin Diesel.

Which type of animal would you rather have invade your campsite for food - possums, bears, or potheads with the munchies?

Possums. Potheads would eat all your food. Bears would scare the shit out of me and you can't get them to go away. At least you can get possums to go away.

What would you do if your neighboring campers accidentally set your campsite on fire?

Beat their ass.

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

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