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August 28, 2013 


Selena Gomez in "Getaway."

COURTESY OF WARNER BROS. PICTURES — Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

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GETAWAY (PG-13): A former race car driver (Ethan Hawke) hijacks the souped-up Mustang of a young woman (Selena Gomez) and follows the commands of the people who have kidnapped his wife.

CLOSED CIRCUIT: Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall are two lawyers (and former lovers) whose lives are imperiled after they’re hired by a terrorist to defend him in court.

ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US (PG): Morgan Spurlock (”Super Size Me”) directs this documentary recounting the meteoric rise of the British boy band.

AUSTENLAND (PG-13): A woman (Keri Russell) obsessed with “Pride and Prejudice” travels to a Jane Austen-themed park in search of her perfect man.

THE GRANDMASTER (PG-13): Director Wong Kar Wai (”In the Mood for Love”) spent six years working on this martial-arts epic that focuses on Ip Man (Tony Leung Chiu Wai), the kung-fu master who taught Bruce Lee everything he knew.

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