Myrtle Beach’s kookiest crimes

For Weekly SurgeSeptember 3, 2013 

Um, OK?

Some people get drunk and try to convince women they’re God’s gift to the world. Others use their intoxicated state to declare their love for all their buddies.

Then there’s the case of Russell Stanley Owens, who allegedly makes fake bomb threats over a stolen radio when he’s sauced.

Myrtle Beach police arrested Owens on Aug. 19 near the SkyWheel. Witnesses said they found the suspect with a stolen radio on the giant ferris wheel’s property, according to the arrest report.

A SkyWheel manager confronted Owens, who gave the radio back before leaving the area. When he was found a short time later, reportedly highly drunk, he kept talking about an Elis sanitation truck that was going to blow up the SkyWheel.

In case you’re in any way tense thinking about the outcome of this story, the SkyWheel is still there. And Owens found himself with a larceny and public intoxication charge.

Here’s the deal; First Subway, then a blowjob

On Aug. 21, Kenneth Laukhuff and Kristy Bledsoe were both arrested and charged with prostitution by Myrtle Beach police.

Officers were in the area of 1st Avenue and Chester Street that night when they saw a woman who they thought was trying to proposition people for sex. They eventually saw her get into a vehicle, and the police executed a traffic stop.

Police talked to the driver, Laukhuff, away from his passenger to get an account of what was happening. According to the arrest report, he told the officers he was on his way home from Liberty Tap Room when he picked up the girl – Bledsoe – after having previously met her while driving a limo. He said he was taking her to get a sandwich from Subway.

Bledsoe’s account was just a bit different. She claimed she didn’t know Laukhuff, and she’d gotten in the car after he asked if she wanted to have some fun and party, the report stated. He allegedly agreed to pay her $30 for oral sex. But first, he would take her to get that Subway sandwich because she was hungry.

Laukhuff denied picking up Bledsoe for any type of sexual encounter. The officers failed to believe this and placed both into handcuffs.

We don’t know for certain if the woman ever did get that sub.

Piers are where the sharks play

At least he took his shoes off.

Hiram Gross, a New York man, was arrested late in the night on Aug. 21 after taking a dive off Second Avenue Pier in Myrtle Beach.

Rescue personnel were called to assist the 44-year-old man after this rather dangerous dive, according to a police report. There’s no indication as to just why Gross decided to go for a swim off a pier, which are high-risk areas for sharks.

But again, he was at least smart enough to remove his footwear.

Fatal Attraction?

There’s really nothing worse than a third wheel. Especially if that third wheel threatens to kill you.

Myrtle Beach police arrested a local man on Aug. 24 and charged him with stalking.

According to the female victim, she was in a close relationship with a mutual friend of the arestee. This relationship began to go sour, and she and the suspect were talking about it.

He allegedly felt very strongly that the woman should not begin dating again until the relationship with his friend was completely over. He felt so strongly about this, that the victim said she wanted no further contact with him, the police report stated.

The suspect didn’t handle this too well. He allegedly threatened to kill the woman’s new boyfriend by putting a bomb under his car. He pointed out he could even kill the woman in a variety of ways.

Police eventually intervened when the man when he showed up at the woman’s residence, and her roommate told her to call the police.

He reportedly told law enforcement that he meant nothing by it and was just blowing off steam.

There’s always yoga, running and punching bags for blowing off steam.

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